Why The Anti-Gun Lobby Gets it All Wrong

Let me first tell you why I can’t stand that overrated creep Quentin Tarantino. The story goes back 20 years or so. I was based in London at the time, when I got a call from my old friend, let’s call him Vadim, who was an editor of a popular business magazine in Russia at the time and wanted to launch its English edition in Britain and the West generally. He told me that he was flying into London the next day and wanted to meet me and talk about possible options of publishing the magazine in Britain. I agreed, looking forward to the meeting as I liked Vadim and was quite excited about the prospect of helping him publishing his magazine in the West.

But our meeting never happened. The next day after our conversation I learned from the news that Vadim was brutally murdered at his home by burglars who carried out a copycat torture of the scene from Tarantino’s trashy Reservoir Dogs, when the punks in it tortured a cop with a blowtorch, cutting off his ear before killing him. The lowlifes in Moscow followed the script, if you pardon the expression, right to very last detail, torchlight and the ear included. I later found out they wanted to know where Vadim kept a collection of gems that he had inherited from a close relative.

Now you tell me this: how did the availability of guns- and Russia at the time was flooded with guns – have an impact on that brutal murder? Go on, give it a thought and then tell me.

Of course you won’t. Because it was the sick and twisted world of Tarantino that had influenced the punks. Guns had nothing to do with it.  In fact, they didn’t even have guns with them. But brought the torchlight and the knife to cut Vadim’s ear off. Later I found out that several other murders were carried out in Moscow in strict adherence with Tarantino’s movies.

The point I’m making here is that guns don’t kill people by themselves. It’s the sick and twisted bastards who do, influenced by graphic violence on the big screen and on the box and by the sadistic imagery of computer games that lowlifes of all sorts love to play so much.

Have you seen any of those violent games? They are basically presenting murder as some exciting hobby, making the indiscriminate killing of people come across as cool. The more you whack, the more points you score. Makes great training for the young and the old alike.

And now tell me this: does any government in any so-called civilised country do anything to cut the flow of violence in movies and TV shows and computer games? Nope, no government does that. It falls under the category of freedom of expression, you see. And freedom of expression is sacred in the civilised world, even if it’s perverted and brainwashes people into becoming psychopaths.

But the problem does not end there. How about the dope that the civilised European politicians seem to embracing with such vigour? Yes, dope taking these days is seen as something too widespread to tackle. A cool thing actually, if you listen to the powerful drug lobby that operates openly these days and includes lots of celebs. Let’s legalise dope, they say, because it so much less dangerous than booze and is basically good for you. And the young and the old alike listen to this s..t and act accordingly. And once they get into the habit, guns or no guns, they are more than likely to cause damage to others. Because that is how drugs work on the human mind.

Lest we forget, the pharmaceutical companies are pumping children with strong medication as if it’s no big deal, inventing all sorts of conditions in early age that supposedly need radical treatment. But the problem with many of these pills is that once you start missing them things can go badly wrong and you might start getting weird ideas and hear voices in your head. And when some sick and twisted computer game or a film with graphic violence coincides with missing a pill or two or getting high on dope, then things can get out of control. Guns or no guns.

Incidentally, more people die from stabbings than guns. So does it mean that all knives should be banned?

The anti-gun lobby, wherever it is preaching its supposedly humane message, should really get its priorities in order. Guns are dangerous. But they are way down on the list of what needs to be banned to stop them being fired.

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