Julian Assange: a Secular Christ in an Age of Avarice And Dishonesty

In Matthew 27:46 of the Christian Bible, Jesus Christ said “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”, as he was crucified by the powers that be.

If Julian Assange could speak to the world that has turned its back on him, perhaps he would ask why the world has forsaken a man who spread the gospel of secular truth in an age where the powers that be have built themselves temples of lies in which the charitable suffer and the modern money changers reign supreme.

There is no doubt that Julian Assange is the sacrificial lamb whose life has been destroyed by those afraid of losing their vested positions in society should the truth of their vile deeds be exposed. As Assange spent his working life exposing these vile deeds, it is clear that just as Jesus Christ was reviled by the leaders of his society, so too is Assange reviled by the leaders of the contemporary west.

Making matters all the more surreal is the fact that ultimately, Christ was betrayed by one of his own followers, Judas Iscariot. Judas exchanged the life of Jesus Christ for the paltry sum of 30 pieces of silver. Today, Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno has openly betrayed a commitment that his high minded predecessor Rafael Correa made to Julian Assange, a man that Correa continues to stand by after being exiled from his own country at the hands of the turncoat Moreno.

After cutting off Assange’s internet connection in March of 2018, the man’s only lifeline to the outside world, today, reports have surfaced which claim that Moreno is prepared to violate the sanctity of his own embassy by allowing foreign police to enter and arrest Assange. If these reports are true, Assange will be arrested on a bail related technicality which itself relates to accusations against Assange that have long ago been dropped by the prosecutors themselves.

Upon such an arrest, it is thought that Assange will be handed to US authorities who have been open and brazen about their desire to execute him. While common crime continues to skyrocket in both the US and UK, one is now faced with the vulgar display of the liberal media which feigns sympathy for the common criminals of the Barabbas type, whilst simultaneously heaping excoriation on Assange. This excoriation is not due to any direct offence committed by Assange but due to the fact that his honesty has objectively brought shame to those who long ago sacrificed moral standards so that they can throw stones at those they are not fit to judge.

Assange is indeed the secular Christ of the contemporary era. Whether he is proverbially crucified by an American executioner or somehow escapes death at the last minute, he has already paid too high a price for the “crime” of being honest, consistent, sincere and open to the people.

To quote Luke 23:34,

“Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots”.

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