Fire at Imran Khan’s Office Exposes Spinelessness of Pakistani Media

Today, a fire broke out in the building housing Imran Khan’s offices. Reports indicate that Imran Khan was conducting a meeting on the fifth floor when the fire broke out on the sixth. Allegedly, the fire was the result of faulty wiring and was quickly put out. However, the fact that the fire broke out in the first place is a matter of grave concern.

It is the supreme duty of the state apparatus in any country to assure the safety of heads of government and heads of state without cutting any corners. As such, the security, structural integrity, fire and water safety and the safety ventilation systems in offices used by the Pakistani Prime Minister should be inspected and upgraded on a regular basis. Because of this, the fact that a fire broke out in broad daylight whilst Imran Khan was conducting important meetings is not only inexcusable but shameful.

If the fire truly was an accident then it is demonstrative of supreme negligence. If however, the fire was intentionally set by agents of Imran Khan’s increasingly hysterical domestic opponents, it represents a terrorist provocation against the legitimate head of Pakistan’s government.  It is still too early to draw a conclusion on this matter as the reliable facts are not yet known to those outside the building in question. However, a responsible Pakistani media would have already raised these issues with the aim of insuring the maximum protection not only of the Prime Minister himself but of all of his offices and motor vehicles. 

At a time when India is preparing for a war of aggression against Pakistan whilst Imran Khan’s rivals seek to stir the public into a frenzied state of anarchy, no stone can be left un-turned. It is therefore utterly imperative that all precautions must be taken to ensure the supreme upkeep of all facilities used by the Prime Minister.

Finally, anyone found to have been derelict in their duty to maintain the electrical systems of the Prime Minister’s office should be held to account and if in fact the fire was the result of a terrorist provocation, the terrorists and their sponsors should face the maximum penalty allowed by law.

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