The Anti-Assange Liberal Media Are Sounding a Lot Like Nazi Germany’s “People’s Court”/Volksgerichtshof

Between 1934 and 1945, the most vicious and frightening kangaroo court in the world was Nazi Germany’s People’s Cour (Volksgerichtshof). Chaired by Judge President Roland Freisler, the highly visible court held spectacular political show trials and sentenced hundreds to death. The court hardly even attempted to conduct what appeared to be a normal trial, even by the standards of the lower courts of Nazi Germany which themselves are highly politicised. Instead, the People’s Court functioned as a forum in which long serving Judge President Freisler shouted at and berated defendants before him who were forced to wear tattered clothes while leaning before a tiny table, helpless to offer any defence to the seemingly possessed Freisler.

Among the most famous defendants in the Court were the July 20 Plotters who had attempted to assassinate Hitler during the final full year of the war. The condemned were all loyal Nazis but they nevertheless felt that their leader was losing the war and endangering the long term survival of Germany.

As part of the humiliating treatment that prisoners received in the minutes before their execution, Freisler would read off totally concocted accusations prone to cause one personal shame and supreme public embarrassment. No genuine defence was allowed and even the most meagre responses from the condemned where shouted down. The films of the show trials were meant to inflict supreme intimidation among anyone who might have dared to challenge the regime’s status quo.

When the July 20 Plotters were sentenced to death, soldiers were ordered to strangle them with piano wire before the condemned were disembowelled on meat hooks. Hitler ordered the gruesome executions filmed for his private use but even the cameramen present ended up vomiting at the sight of such unusually cruel executions.

As the July 20 Plotters were still privately considered German patriots among many, the extreme tactics of  Roland Freisler became increasingly opposed even by individuals who otherwise remained loyal to Nazism. Freisler’s opponents finally got justice of their own when on 3 February, 1945, an allied bomb was dropped on the court. Freisler died instantly leading to open celebrations among those who found his style of fake justice reprehensible even by the standards of the Third Reich.

Today, the methods used to discredit Julian Assange through a vast public character assassination campaign waged by the liberal media, are scarcely different to the tactics that Freisler employed to disgrace, discredit and humiliate his victims before their pre-determined execution.

Today, one is witnessing the horror of self-proclaimed “respectable” liberal news outlets trying to paint the political prisoner and journalist freedom fighter Assange as a crazed pervert, a filthy animal and a man who “smeared human faeces” on the walls of the Ecuadorian embassy. It is therefore abundantly clear that the tactics of one of the most loathed individuals of the Hitler Reich are alive and well in the liberal west of the 21st century.

When one combines these absurd attempts at character assassination with  the fact that major US political figures including Hillary Clinton have spoken openly about their lustful desire to assassinate Assange and it becomes quite clear that the concepts of honesty, due process, civility, human rights and international law simply do not enter into “mainstream” discussions regarding Assange and his dreadful plight.

History sadly repeats itself far too frequently and when it comes to those hurling abuse at a silenced Assange, one cannot help but recall the unjust freak show that was Nazi Germany’s People’s Court.


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