US-Iran TensionA Different Perspective.

The current state of tension between the US and Iran has reached a dangerous stage. The US is the only country in the history of human being to have used nuclear weapons against Japan in 1945. To keep its hegemony, the US can do anything, unexpectedly. What will happen exactly, is rather difficult to assess. One can just pray and hope for “Peace, Patience, and Safety of precious human lives”.

Iran’s nuclear deal was signed in 2015 by seven nations. The landmark nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers – the US, UK, France, China and Russia plus Germany – saw economic sanctions on Iran lifted the following confirmation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that sensitive nuclear activities are restricted in the country. Under the deal, Iran had to halt its nuclear program and the West had to remove economic sanctions on Iran. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed that there has been no evidence of violation from the Iranian side. All other nations’ part of this deal was satisfied with Iran and confirmed the compliance by Iran. Even the US Congress has not confirmed any violations yet.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a PowerPoint presentation that persuaded US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the deal, something he had promised during his election campaign too. It was unilateral withdrawal and open violation of the international treaty.

The US imposed economic sanctions, especially on the export of oil. US forces moved into the region to implant is imposed sanction. The massive concentration of US troops, equipped with the latest, hi-tech, lethal weaponry, is a sign of danger and threat to the whole region.

Middle-East is a supplier of Oil and Gas to the whole world and contributes 60% share in the demand for Energy for the whole world. Japan, India, the EU, and China were the major customer of oil. If any disturbance happened to supply of oil to rest of the world, the hike in oil prices may harm the global economy. The victim may not be only Iran, but the whole world may suffer.

I think it was the duty of all other signatories to JCPOA – Iran Nuclear deal, to mediate with the US, not to impose sanctions or find an acceptable solution. The imposition of a sanction, while, Iran was strictly following the deal at his part, is not fair at all. It might push Iran to cancel the deal with other nations too.

It is worth mentioning that, US behavior toward North Korea is different than its behaviors toward Iran. The difference is obvious, that North Korea does have nuclear weapons and the US may not afford any retaliation. But, in the case of Iran, is a good guy, have not developed any nuclear weapons as per the deal and may face a US attack. It might give a wrong signal to the rest of the world, that, one has to possess nuclear weapons to maintain it is sovereignty and security. This impression must be avoided.

The example of Iraq and Libya, who do not have nuclear weapons and faced US intervention. These presidencies may lead to more and more nations to explore the nuclear option to ensure their sovereignty and security.  If once this trend starts, may not be controlled by any power. It must be curbed at this initial stage.

There is a severe need for reforms and world order, where no one can damage international peace and threat any nation, whether big or small, mutual respect and non-interference in others matters must prevail. How big is the military might, but need to learn co-existence and tolerance?

UN, International Community and signatory of JCPOA, may take necessary measures to prevent Iraq or Libya style experience to be repeated. The nuclear race may be curtailed by offering alternates. Unilateral sanctions were counterproductive in the past and may not produce desired results in the future. Charter of UN must be respected and implemented in its true spirit. Strengthen the UN and prevail the independence, sovereignty of all nations, irrespective of either big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, everyone has the right to live in “Peace”.


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