Sino-US Tensions Entering New Phase.

There are visible indications that Sino-US tension is entering into a new phase. Initially, it was only the US, unilaterally coercing China. It starts from blaming China, bashing, imposing additional duties on Chinese products, imposing sanctions on Chinese Companies, and etc. The US was unilaterally engaged against China in the style of the cold war era.  Media, propaganda, espionage, isolation, blockade, etc were basic tools used during the cold war era. The US has imposed a kind of cyberwar against China since couples of years.

China was observing patience, tolerance and trying its best to avert any escalation. It was Chinese policy to settle all disputes through dialogue, and diplomacy. China has a record of mega achievements in the resolutions of issues peacefully. Regaining control over Hong Kong, and Macao, are the best examples. China gained sovereignty over Hong Kong and Macao, without firing a single bullet or killing a single solder from either side. This was the best example of a peaceful resolution of issues in the last century. Resolution of disputes with India, at Doklam in 2017, is another very good example of this century, where armed forces both countries were front to front, eye to eye, but China played big country diplomacy to avert bloodshed.

China has a history of several thousand years and has passed many ups and downs. But the last 200 years has suffered a lot due to colonializations, imperialism, and expansionism by the western world. China was the victim of the Western world for so long, but learned a bitter lesson and reconciled itself. For the last 4 decades, China focused on peaceful developments. Chinese people worked very hard, policymakers launched effective policies, Scientists and technologist developed technologies and techniques required for each stage of development, Chinese leadership provided vision and stability in the country, as a result, China has emerged second largest economy after the US and also emerged global power.

Chinese economy surpassed German Economy inn 2007, but Germany accepted it with open hurt, no bad feeling against China at all. But when the Chinese economy surpassed Japan in 2010, Japan was not comfortable. Although Japan could not stop it but has not accepted from the core of heart yet. The USA has anticipated that China may surpass the American economy in 2027.

The USA was enjoying a unique superpower status after the disintegration of former USSR in the unipolar world and may not be willing to lose this status. That is why the USA has decided to “Contain” China. It is visible that the USA has determined to “Contain” China at all cost or will not leave any option to “contain” China.

Initially, China has not responded reciprocate immediately. But tried to resolve all differences with logic and rational. China assured its best possible cooperation to the US in almost all possible manners. However, when there was no option left, China responded with a mild manner by imposing lesser duties to the US imports. But the US was crossing all limits, one after other, new conditions were imposed on China.

There are indications that China has reached its peak of patience and tolerance. It may have decided to respond to the Americans sanction in the same manner. China may offer a tough stand and reciprocate accordingly. I think China is already well prepared well to face all consequences.

I lived in China for a long time and have been in association with Chinese people for a very long time. To best of my understanding, Chinese are not aggressors, and never initiate any dispute, they refrain from problems and try best to avert any misunderstanding. But I know the potential of China, it is imposed, their potential to retaliate is beyond one’s imagination. Chinese people do not boost and say big words, but they do more and speak less. It will be better for another party to not to exceed all limits to provocative actions against the Chinese.

The US is the biggest economy have the responsibility to maintain stability in the global economy. China is contributing one third to the global economy and has also the responsibility to share its part to maintain the stability of the global economy. It is desired that both sides may resume dialogue immediately and exert full attention to resolve differences amicably. Escalation does not benefit any one party but may damage the global economy. The disaster must be averted.


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