Communist Windows – Capitalist Air Conditioning (a poem)

Communist windows, symmetrical and small
As the world passes by through a tiny pane.
In winter the workers huddle together and unite
So as to stay warm during the long dark night.

But then comes summer – blistering and bright
Individuals want their space and black curtains to drown out sight.
In such a place capitalist air conditioners bring splendid isolation
Drowning out the warmth of the world’s frustrations.

Capitalist windows are big and inefficient.
Communist windows are small and uninspiring.
But if one changes ideologies like changing clothes
A big American air-con can sit placidly on the parapet of those Soviet windows.

Seasons change and moods do too
Sometimes we crave company and sometimes solitude.
There is no reason therefore that our windows cannot match
So long as the glass by revolution or recession is not smashed.

In the winter time I queue for rationed meat
But when I want to beat the heat
I present my credit card to the man at the shop
So long as the value of my currency does not drop.

Communist windows and capitalist AC
That’s when I feel I am most free,
I take the best of both worlds and leave the others behind
So as to preserve sanity and peace of mind.

A dogmatist would rather swelter and pay too much tax
Whilst by my tiny windows I do relax
Thanks to the ample electricity
Provided by markets unregulated and free.

But when the fires of January burn again
I’ll look out at my fellow man
And explain we all do the best we can
When faced by cunning politician scams.

Someday when windows are obsolete
I’ll remember an age that was replete
With arguments over right and left
That mean nothing when heaving one’s final breath.

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