An Independent Filipino Mind

The true wealth of nations lies in the intelligence and collective wisdom of the people. This is a treasure where no amount of GDP can surpass. It exhibits the social and political maturity of the members of the society. It encompasses the required objectivity and rational mind of the citizens. An “intelligence per capita” is a number which can differentiate between poor and developed nations.

Without this essential “intelligence” a country cannot survive and thrive fully as a meaningful land to behold. A meaningful land is a country where individuals have liberty to think and exist creatively and abundantly. It is a land where people co-exist despite differences in political and religious views.

But how do we measure this intelligence? Is it proportionate to the total numbers of people who finished university degrees? Is it dependent upon the number of people who are highly educated? Does a greater the number of educated people a better chance for a country to succeed?

True intelligence requires more than a piece of paper, a diploma. It can be elusive in which knowledge doesn’t equate to “really knowing” it. This Socratic precept which asserts that a person can only do good when he knows what is good is false. Ironically, a person can know what is good but the more he knows, the more that he will not do it because intelligence is different from wisdom and love.

A wise and loving person is an open-minded man. He is ready to listen whether he agrees or disagrees. He understands what you mean even though he thinks you are wrong. He might reject what you believe but he will give you the honor to defend your viewpoints. He will continue to assert what he thinks is right but he will give you due respect and liberty to defend your rights.

Yes, we live in such a complex society, yet it requires a simple approach of living. Too many sophisticated methodologies yet commonsense is a common ground where we should all stand. It is the only ground where mind defies gravity! When we become sensible to what is basic and rational, we progress as people who understand truth to its core. Here, we value the “fact” that to live more meaningfully we need to have a broader mind, an open mind, and a simple mind. This summarizes the meaning of a wise mind.

You may either be a pro or anti-Duterte, pro or anti-China, or whatever categories, but we must all have decency to stand on the ground where everyone is entitled to his own opinion and to defend his right to have one.

It doesn’t matter now if we have different views. It matters more that we know and understand that we must co-exist for our poor country to progress. This is delicate and utopian yet if we are humble enough to accept that we don’t know everything, then, we can start to embrace everyone.

We need to have an independent mind but we should never forget to have an open mind.

The Philippines is such a beautiful country. Yet, there is still a long journey for Filipinos to see her glory shine brightly.

It will only brighten if we achieve collective brilliance of Filipino Minds.

The poverty of our nation can only be cured by the richness of our minds. And hearts…

Rado Gatchalian is originally from Dagupan City, Philippines. He moved to Sydney, Australia in 2006. He regularly submits his writings here at EurasiaFuture. He used to teach Philosophy and Social Science at University of Luzon and Urdaneta City University, both in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. He writes poetry and maintains blogs and Facebook pages such as The FILOsopher, POETography, The School of Life, Inspiration, and Meaning, etc.

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