China and Russia Usher in a Libertarian Post-New World Order

From Cold War to New World Order  At the end of the Cold War, US President George H.W. Bush began speaking openly about his desire to create a “New World Order”. Shortly thereafter, Francis Fukuyama published his infamous book The End of History. The book presented a positive twist on a prototypical […]

Trump vs. The Academia-Industrial Complex And Pakistan’s Establishment: Two Societies Moving in Different Directions

Who governs?  Pakistan has a long history of open conflict between civilian governments and what is widely called The Establishment – the military. Today however, a peaceful democratic election signifying only the second ever peaceful transition of power in Pakistan’s history has signalled the early stages of a shift from […]

In 1992 Bill Clinton Was Accused of “Going Russian” by George H.W. Bush, But Few Mention it Today

When a former CIA director accused Bill Clinton of being in-league with the KGB The 1992 US Presidential election was one that the incumbent George H.W. Bush was ‘supposed’ to win. After the former CIA director served as Vice President for eight years behind a personally popular Ronald Reagan, 1988 […]

Trump Only Has Himself to Blame For Falling Yuan – Yet a $500 Billion Tariff is on The Table

Donald Trump has lashed out at China and the European Union for allegedly “manipulating” their currencies against a bullish US Dollar. While the Yuan is down by 7.6% against the Dollar since the end of the first financial quarter of 2018, the Euro has been surprisingly stable but is nevertheless […]

Child Sex Abuse Can Only be Prevented if The Culture of Neo-Liberal Corporate Blackmail Ends

Horrific stories of child sex abuse in European nations and elsewhere continue to dominate headlines from a variety of perspectives. Some blame clashes of mutually alien cultures where children fall victim to these social trends while others blame a culture of vulgarity and a libertine mentality among wider society. Others […]