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Who Won This Year’s Eurovision: Israel or Palestine?

Like the Olympics, the Eurovision Song Contest has attempted to create national harmony through head-to-head competition on the basis of national demarcations. While singing or running around a track are vastly preferable expressions of nationalism than killing one another, it is nationalistic rivalry nevertheless and this automatically means that such […]

Roger Waters Slams Professional Pink Floyd Tribute Band For Violating His Ethical Standards

Pink Floyd co-founder, lyricist and principle composer Roger Waters has taken to social media to criticise a major Pink Floyd tribute band that have three performances scheduled in Israel. Among the many political causes for which Waters advocates, supporting the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) which calls for a […]

A New Poll Shows That America’s Young and Poor do Not View Israel as an Ally: Here’s What it Means

The London based polling and data analytics company YouGov has recently conducted a survey of Americans who were asked their opinion on multiple foreign nations. As the US and Israel have a long standing alliance, many observers were surprised with the data resulting from answers that a wide variety of Americans […]

While Europe Debates Poland’s Holocaust Law, The US Has Passed Laws Which Censor The Present and Future

Poland and “Israel” are currently butting heads over Warsaw’s new law which forbids the use of the phrase “Polish death camps”, while also criminalising the denial of Ukrainian fascist crimes against humanity during the 1940s. Tel Aviv has slammed the law, as “Israel” preposterously seeks to blame Poland for the […]