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Here’s How Turkey and America Could Reset Their Relations

The past 24 hours have seen the US offer multiple contradictory statements regarding its close relationship with Saudi Arabia, while equally contradictory statements were made regarding relations with Turkey.  Initially, Donald Trump stated that sanctions against Turkish officials and a 50% punitive tariff increase on Turkish steel and aluminium exports […]

The Release of Andrew Brunson Should Lead to The Dropping of Tariffs/Sanctions Against Turkey and More Scrutiny on Saudi Arabia

The US just lost its most visible point of leverage against Turkey  While the term “win-win” is typically applied to traditional geopolitical relations, the decision of a Turkish court made in respect of the American national Andrew Brunson has geopolitical implications that for Turkey represent a substantial win-win.  The United […]

Erdogan Vows to Purchase Russian S-400s, Claims US Left Turkey Vulnerable to PKK Missiles

The Pentagon has told India in no uncertain terms that the United States will not automatically grant a sanctions waiver if New Delhi follows through with its intent to purchase the Russian made S-400 missile defence systems. This admonition from the Pentagon comes days before the so-called ‘2+2’ meetings of […]