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Moscow to Host Historic Trilateral Talks Between DPRK, Chinese and Russian Governments as North Korea Opens its Economy to The World

While the Sino-Soviet Split of 1961 tended to divide the loyalties of most leftist governments between the Soviet Union and The People’s Republic of China, the DPRK (North Korea) managed to retain healthy relations with both superpowers, which incidentally both shared border with the DPRK.  Even before the Sino-Soviet split, […]

North Korea Makes Highly Personal Appeal to Donald Trump While Slamming His Domestic Opponents

In a further sign that in spite of its putative isolation the DPRK (North Korea) has mastered the skilful art of perception management through diplomatic means, an official newspaper has published an editorial which  praises Donald Trump’s post-Singapore summit attitude towards Pyongyang while lambasting some of Trump’s most hated domestic […]