Author: Agha Hussain

Pakistan’s Response to India’s West Asia Hegemon Ambitions: Do or Die

Fledgling states located in regions filled with ideological, religious and ethnic strife, territorial disputes and various unfinished agendas have very little margin for error if they wish to preserve their security. The conception of security by such states must be dynamic and multifaceted and allotted a geospatial and chronological dimension […]

Is Russia intentionally enabling Israeli aggression and impunity against its own ‘Regional Balancing Strategy’?

 There exists a brand of dogma ingrained in some analytical mindsets which dictates that Iran and Russia are tag-teaming the US and the Saudis and possess relations between themselves as close as what have been between the latter for most of history. While an understandable impression to hold, it is […]

Pakistan’s Geopolitical Naivety

The angry exchange of negative statements between the USA and Pakistan starting from the end of 2017 have been characterized by rather bland responses from the latter put forth as ‘strong’ and ‘assertive’ by optimists. The ‘condemnations’ of the US seem to all involve lambasting it for ‘abandoning its friend […]