Global Policy

If Rodrigo Duterte Were in Charge of Brexit – Britain Would Already be Out of The EU With a Clean Break

Duterte’s quotes on sovereignty Rodrigo Duterte has delivered on his promise to withdraw The Philippines from the International Criminal Court (ICC). As a staunch defender of Philippine sovereignty, Duterte had no time for an international body meddling in the domestic affairs of his nation and particularly one with a track […]

Russia’s “Deep State” Divisions Over South Asia Are Spilling Over Into The Public

Russia’s “deep state” has been deeply divided over South Asian affairs for the past few years already, but the Indophile “Traditionalists’” fierce competition for influence over the rising policymaking appeal of the Kabulov-led “Progressive” faction is unprecedentedly spilling over into the public sphere through their increasingly intense lobbying efforts that […]

Does Anyone Actually Think That The Philippine Political System is Good?

In arguments regarding constitutional reform (aka charter change) in The Philippines, those opposed to a shift to a federal-parliamentary system that eliminates constitutional restrictions on foreign direct investment (FDI), typically deploy the following negative arguments: 1. Filipinos will never adapt to a new system 2. Some regions are too poor […]

Russia’s Recognition Of “North Macedonia” Is Part Of The “New Balkans” Plan

Russia’s recognition of “North Macedonia” disappointed many activists in what Moscow would have otherwise continued to regard as the Republic of Macedonia per its constitutionally legitimate name, but this purely political move shouldn’t have been all that unexpected in hindsight because it correlates with speculation that Moscow plans to take […]

Those Complaining About a Lack of “Press Freedom” in The Philippines Insult The Intelligence of The Civilised World

After a visit to Singapore, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is currently in San Francisco where she’ll almost certainly be meeting with powerful and very rich friends from America’s Silicon Valley tech industry. Even though Ressa is set to face trial on charges of cyber-libel against Filipino businessman Wilfredo Keng, this […]

Iran’s Peculiar Semi-Official Press Statement About Anti-PKK Operation Speaks to Discontent in Tehran

Iran’s semi-official (with an emphasis on the ‘official’ part) Fars News has published a report denying yesterday’s statement by Turkey’s Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu who revealed that Turkey and Iran had jointly commenced an anti-terror operation against the PKK. While an angry or dismissive denial from a major Iranian figure […]