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Now That Daesh is Destroyed, The International Community Must Focus on Defeating The PKK

Donald Trump has announced that the Daesh terror organisation has been destroyed as a paramilitary unit and pseudo-state. As such, there is no longer an excuse for the international community to ignore the dangers of the PKK and its regional affiliates. Since the late 1970s, the PKK has claimed 40,000 […]

So What If Trump “Recognizes” “Israel’s” Annexation Of The Golan? 

Who really cares what Trump says when nobody’s words one way or the other are going to change the reality that “Israel” probably won’t be dislodged from the occupied Golan Heights anytime soon, especially not when Russian troops are enforcing an anti-Iranian “buffer zone” there and Moscow itself strongly suggested […]

Golan Heights: Trump Breaks a Taboo But Hardly Breaks The News

Since the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, Syria’s Golan Heights have been illegally occupied by Israel whilst in 1981 Tel Aviv moved to formally annex the territory. Today, although internationally recognised as occupied territory of the Syrian Arab Republic’s Quneitra Governorate, the Golan Heights pragmatically functions as part of Israel, complete […]

Is It Really All That Surprising That Trump Wants Brazil In NATO?

Feigning shock and publishing moralizing polemics isn’t going to change the fact that it was entirely predictable that Trump’s “Fortress America” grand strategy would ultimately see the US seek to expand its premier multilateral security structure across South America in order to formally incorporate its most important country of Brazil […]

Trump’s Legacy Will be Ending Wars For Oil And Perpetuating Wars For Everything Else

The term “war for oil” was popularised during America’s decades long antagonism of its former Iraqi ally. Beginning in 1990, Washington turned its back on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and in 2003 under George W. Bush, Iraq was invaded, occupied and destroyed. Those opposed to America’s wars on Iraq and even […]

Nazarbayev’s Resignation Is No Cause For Alarm (Just Yet)

The timing of elderly Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s resignation took many observers by surprise even if the event itself shouldn’t have been unexpected, but there aren’t any credible grounds for speculating that this development will lead to any profound domestic or international changes, at least not yet. The Inevitable Transition […]

India’s Ambassador To Russia Lied About Rejecting International Mediation

The Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Emirati Ambassador To India, and several unnamed US diplomatic sources all released statements around the same time disproving the Indian Ambassador to Russia’s previous on-the-record statement that “no country has offered to mediate between India and Pakistan” and that his government “will not accept” any such offer […]