John Bolton’s Resignation Letter is a Major Olive Branch to Both North And South Korea

To say that the division of Korea has caused disagreements and outright hatred on both sides is an understatement. But ever since the inauguration of Korean detente in 2018, Pyongyang and Seoul have been engaging in increased cooperation. For months on end, Moon Jae-in’s Blue House has been publicly agreeing […]

The DPRK’s News Report on The Recent Kim-Trump Meeting is Not Only Accurate But Highly Instructive

After being conditioned to think of both South Korea and the United States as the “imperial savage aggressors”, it would clearly be a challenge for DPRK media directors to shift this narrative in order to prepare the people for the eventuality of peace and partnership with Seoul and Washington. Beyond […]

The DPRK’s Rhetorical Missile Launched at Trump Opponent Serves a Constructive Purpose

Official DPRK media have published scathing comments about American Democratic party presidential hopeful Joe Biden after the former US Vice President accused Trump of having overly friendly relationships with world leaders that Biden referred to as “tyrants”. Biden included DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un on this list of “tyrants”. At a […]