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Macron Wants European Army to “Defend” Against USA, China and Russia When Europe Needs Trade With All Three

While Europe faces major threats ranging from international terrorism to mass migration and domestic political extremist groups, uniquely in European history, the continent is today safer from the threat of sate-on-state military aggression than at any time in modern European history. And yet while Europe ought to focus on multilateral […]

China Welcomes a New Partnership With Japan, But Will Tokyo Seize This Golden Opportunity?

Japan’s historic relations with China are marked by negativity, but in spite of this, in the modern era China seeks to turn a new page on Sino-Japanese relations and engage in a co-equal economic partnership within the framework of Belt and Road centred cooperative measures. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua […]

China Embraces economic openness on the win-win model, Trump embraces unilateralism, the EU remains confused

Trump’s negative rhetoric on both China and the European Union  When it comes to Donald Trump’s geopolitical wars of words, apart from Venezuela and Iran, Trump’s greatest rhetorical ire is reserved for China and the European Union (EU). But while The US only formally established relations with the People’s Republic […]

Duterte Should Make The Suspension of Rice Tariffs Permanent: Free Trade and FDI Are Essential For The Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced a suspension on rice tariffs in an effort to fight artificially inflated rice prices that have harmed some of the country’s poorest families. The President’s move should be widely applauded as it helps to resolve the problem of local rice hoarding oligarchs from exploiting […]