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Do You Really Think America Would be Launching a War on Huawei if Ronald Reagan Were President?

During the 1980 Presidential election in the United States, former California Governor and Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan ran a campaign advertisement in which a narrator asked the audience whether various global events which allegedly humiliated the United States would have happened if Reagan rather than his opponent Jimmy Carter were […]

China Continues to Eliminate Tariffs as Part of Historic Drive For Enhanced Economic Openness

Chinese officials have just announced plans to significantly lower or entirely drop import tariffs on hundreds of goods, while several major free trading agreements have been streamlined and expanded. These developments are part of the overall drive to create more open trading arrangements with multiple partners that was encapsulated at […]

Macron Wants European Army to “Defend” Against USA, China and Russia When Europe Needs Trade With All Three

While Europe faces major threats ranging from international terrorism to mass migration and domestic political extremist groups, uniquely in European history, the continent is today safer from the threat of sate-on-state military aggression than at any time in modern European history. And yet while Europe ought to focus on multilateral […]