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Russia Should Take The US’ “European Energy Security Act” More Seriously

Underestimating the potential of one’s adversaries and expressing excessive self-confidence in one’s own abilities oftentimes leads to the said party being unpleasantly surprised if events don’t go exactly according to how they expect them to. Russia would well to reconsider its position towards the US’ proposed “European Energy Security And […]

Why Would The US Want Venezuela’s Oil When It Already Buys 41% Of Its Total Exports?

The prevailing Alt-Media narrative that Washington wants to impose a pro-US puppet regime on Venezuela in order to control all of the country’s oil doesn’t make much sense when considering that it already buys 41% of the Bolivarian Republic’s total exports, meaning that another more nuanced explanation needs to be […]

America Has no Turkey Policy – it Instead Has Several Highly Confused And Contradictory Turkey Policies

The US seems to have lost any sense of consistency when it comes to Turkey  At the US Embassy in Ankara, there is still no formal Ambassador while at US consulates throughout Turkey, multiple individuals have been arrested for having links with the Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO). In terms of the […]

Russia’s Petro-Politics Can Help Ease Multiple Disputes In The Eastern Mediterranean

Egypt’s relations with Turkey remain at their lowest levels since the 1950s, due to a variety of factors. The most prominent factor was Turkey’s close relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood  regime (illegal in Syria, Egypt, Russia and Saudi Arabia) which briefly ruled Egypt between June of 2012 and July of […]