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Liberalism Threatens The West, Not Iran. This is Why American Liberals Are Wrapping Themselves in The Iranian Flag

Since 1979, America’s relations with Iran have been vastly more inconsistent than the manner in which they are often portrayed. It was in 1979 that an indecisive Jimmy Carter administration betrayed its Iranian ally and did nothing to prevent the Iranian Revolution from fomenting regime change in a country that […]

Korybko To Iranian Media: “Now’s The Time To Build The Golden Ring!”

Andrew Korybko gave an extended interview to the newspaper “Farheekhtegan” about the US’ Hybrid War on Iran, specifically emphasizing the urgent need for the Islamic Republic to prioritize the creation of the Golden Ring of Multipolar Great Powers as the most realistic form of sanctions relief under these increasingly difficult […]

The Western Anti-War Movement Should Stop Virtual Signalling And Start Engaging in Politics

The term “virtue signalling” tends to denote a trend among western ultra-liberals who attain an emotional uplift from going out of one’s way to demonstrate how one is morally superior to those living more conventional lifestyles. Whether it is someone bragging about their recycled socks or their bicycle made out […]

Now That Daesh is Destroyed, The International Community Must Focus on Defeating The PKK

Donald Trump has announced that the Daesh terror organisation has been destroyed as a paramilitary unit and pseudo-state. As such, there is no longer an excuse for the international community to ignore the dangers of the PKK and its regional affiliates. Since the late 1970s, the PKK has claimed 40,000 […]

Trump’s Legacy Will be Ending Wars For Oil And Perpetuating Wars For Everything Else

The term “war for oil” was popularised during America’s decades long antagonism of its former Iraqi ally. Beginning in 1990, Washington turned its back on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and in 2003 under George W. Bush, Iraq was invaded, occupied and destroyed. Those opposed to America’s wars on Iraq and even […]

Turkey and Iran’s Joint Anti-Terror Operation Against The PKK is an Important Step in a Positive Direction

Cooperation against a common threat  Turkey’s Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has just announced that Turkish and Iranian troops have commenced a joint anti-terror operation against the PKK that was previously announced earlier this month. This is welcome news, not least because Iran has often been slow to act against a […]