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China and Russia Formally Urge UN Security Council to Moderate Sanctions Against DPRK

After a historic meeting between representatives of the Russian, Chinese and DPRK (North Korean) governments in Moscow, China and Russia have formally urged their United Nations Security Council colleagues to lower existing sanctions against Pyongyang. According to a joint statement signed by Chinese diplomat Kong Xuanyou, Russian diplomat Igor Morgulov and DPRK […]

Moscow to Host Historic Trilateral Talks Between DPRK, Chinese and Russian Governments as North Korea Opens its Economy to The World

While the Sino-Soviet Split of 1961 tended to divide the loyalties of most leftist governments between the Soviet Union and The People’s Republic of China, the DPRK (North Korea) managed to retain healthy relations with both superpowers, which incidentally both shared border with the DPRK.  Even before the Sino-Soviet split, […]

The DPRK Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Emphasis on Peace Through Prosperity

In 1948 an election was held in US occupied Korea under the dominant influence of the reactionary leader Syngman Rhee. The elections were marred with violence and were subsequently described as unsatisfactory by many international observers. For the next two years, Syngman Rhee consolidated his strongman rule by violently repressing ever more […]

Blaming China For Everything is Cheaper Than War: Trump’s Core Foreign Policy

Donald Trump recently took to Twitter to accuse China of hacking into Hillary Clinton’s infamous emails. Trump further indicated that there should be a “Russiagate” style investigation into the matter while sarcastically implying that such an investigation would not be forthcoming. Report just out: “China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private Email […]

North Korea Admonishes the US Not to Turn Back on Peace Process as Bidding War Over The DPRK’s Economic Development Intensifies

The DPRK news outlet Rodong Sinmun has released a statement admonishing the United States against the possibility of neglecting its commitment to the peace process. The statement in full as reported by the Korean Central News Agency reads as follows: “According to a south Korean radio, U.S. special units in Japan […]