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Mahathir’s Visit to The Philippines Should be a Lesson in The Superiority of Pro-FDI Federal-Parliamentary Systems

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has shaped Malaysia more profoundly than any of its modern leaders. Apart from just being the longest serving Prime Minister of his country (1981-2003/2018-present), Mahathir’s reputation as a no-nonsense, forward looking, pro-development reformist helped to transform Malaysia from a country that was decades behind neighbouring Singapore […]

Mahathir Recounts Malaysia’s Historically Warm Ties to China – Warns of European Aggression

Long before the Federation of Malaya gained independence from the British Empire in 1957, the territories comprising modern Malaysia had a long, fruitful and peaceful relationship with multiple Chinese states. In keeping with China’s friendly trading ties with the majority of south east Asian sovereign entities throughout the centuries, Malaysia’s predecessor […]

Mahathir Mohamad Confirms 2019 Visit With Imran Khan in Islamabad as Malaysia-Pakistan Ties Deepen

Veteran Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has confirmed a three day visit to Pakistan to take place in March of 2019. During his visit, Mahathir will call on Prime Minister Imran Khan and other Pakistani officials. Both nations look to increase trading relations as well as working together to strengthen bilateral […]

Brazil’s Broken Presidential System: An Extremist Like Bolsonaro Would Not Have Won in a Parliamentary Democracy

Jair Bolsonaro – a true extremist  Asia woke up and Europe went to sleep with the news that South America’s largest nation had just elected Jair Bolsonaro as the new Brazilian President after round two of elections on the 28th of October. Bolsonaro had a commanding plurality of votes in the first […]