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The Rappler Who Cried Wolf

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa has been released on bail after being arrested on charges linked to the anti-dummy law against securities fraud. Like clockwork, Ressa’s rich and powerful friends on the international liberal media circuit began posting articles and social media updates which decried a supposed “lack of press freedom” […]

Those Complaining About a Lack of “Press Freedom” in The Philippines Insult The Intelligence of The Civilised World

After a visit to Singapore, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is currently in San Francisco where she’ll almost certainly be meeting with powerful and very rich friends from America’s Silicon Valley tech industry. Even though Ressa is set to face trial on charges of cyber-libel against Filipino businessman Wilfredo Keng, this […]

Philippine Justice Remains Independent in Spite of External Pressures

Filipino journalist and former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao has exposed the extent to which the website Rappler has been funded and aided by foreigners and foreign entities. Specifically, Rappler’s funding from the controversial Omidyar Network helps one to ascertain that Rappler’s agenda is influenced as much by its foreign benefactors as […]

Maria Ressa vs. Nas Daily: Why The Young and Old See Today’s Philippines Differently

Throughout this week, journalist and former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao has exposed several major truths about Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and her quest to defame Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, his supporters and the modern Philippines as a whole. First, Tiglao exposed how Ressa is an American who only got a passport […]

Duterte is Fighting Super-Rich Media Barons on Behalf Not Just of Filipinos, But of Free People Everywhere

After confirming that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is a US citizen who only became a citizen of The Philippines as recently as 2004, journalist and former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao has authored a detailed piece which paints a substantial timeline of Ressa’s career in broadcast and print media. One of the […]

Ressa’s American Citizenship Isn’t a Problem – But Her Hypocrisy is an Enormous Problem

In politics, it is fashionable to accuse an opponent with duel citizenship of having mixed loyalties and whilst this is certainly true in some cases, in other cases, having multiple nationalities can broaden one’s political horizons. In the best of all possible circumstances, someone with more than one nationality who […]

When Rappler Lied

When Rappler decided to tell lies about me Was that a sign that the press was free? Did they celebrate when the punished the words That contained false allegations most absurd? Did they realise they were endangering my life At the hands of gangsters with poisons, guns and knives? Did […]

With The Old Regime Collapsing – Now is The Time For The Philippines to Adopt a New Parliamentary Model

The moment that Rodrigo Roa Duterte won the 2016 Presidential election in The Philippines, it became clear that the Filipino people had collectively said “out with the old and in with the new”. Since then, the political leaders and corporate media supporters of the old regime have continually embarrassed themselves, […]