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China’s Partnership With Saudi Arabia Should be a Wake-up Call to Iran to Stop Scapegoating Pakistan

China and Saudi Arabia’s partnership  Chinese President Xi Jinping just held a phone call with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman which has been positively publicised throughout China. CGTN describes the conversation in the following way: “Chinese President Xi Jinping said China highly values the comprehensive strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia, and […]

Mideast Activists Need To Stop Their Double Standards Towards Russia!

Refusing to acknowledge Russia’s “balancing” acts with “Israel” and Saudi Arabia is a disservice to the Palestinian and Yemeni causes because it ignores the important role that Moscow plays in propping up Tel Aviv and Riyadh, resulting in the artificial creation of the overly simplistic and inaccurate narrative that it’s […]

Turkey Has a Major Role to Play in a Kashmir Peace Process

Indian politicians can shout all they want about Pakistan “supporting terrorism”, but this defamatory and inflammatory untruth is being rejected by millions of objective observers who realise that Indian occupied Kashmir has become a cauldron of disquiet in which indigenous extremism will continue to grow until and unless the Kashmiri […]

MBS’ Asia Tour Is Much More Than A Post-Khashoggi Photo-Op

Many have dismissed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Asia tour to Pakistan, India, and China as nothing more than a post-Khashoggi photo-op to shore up international support, but it’s actually about much more than that because of its religious, economic, and geopolitical dimensions. There’s little doubt that Saudi Crown […]

Russia’s Nuclear Energy Edge Got The US To Cut Ethical Corners With The Saudis

One of the latest American scandals revolves around former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s alleged breach of ethical norms in trying to secretly push through a nuclear energy deal with the Saudis which might have even been illegal if he tried to circumvent the so-called “123 agreement”, though his partnered […]

After The Successful MBS Visit to Pakistan, Erdoğan to Visit Islamabad Next Month

If at this time last year, someone were to suggest that Pakistan would be the centre of attention in what amounts to a geopolitical bidding war for enhanced partnerships and new investment opportunities, few would have taken such a claim seriously. Today however, Naya Pakistan contrasts sharply with the Pakistan […]