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Iran And Saudi Arabia’s “Deep State” Factions Are Striking Back

Rival Great Powers Iran and Saudi Arabia are both experiencing different degrees of pushback from certain “deep state” factions in their permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies, with this dynamic being responsible for several of the latest breaking news developments in the region. Four breaking news developments almost simultaneously emerged […]

Fellow Arabs Call Palestinian Heroine Ahed Tamimi “Scum”

Recently freed Palestinian political prisoner Ahed Tamimi has incurred the wrath of fellow Arabs for praising the equally Arab leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah party. During a televised interview, the young female Palestinian activist who aspires to enter the legal profession expressed her gratitude to Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah. She said of […]

Saudi Arabia’s Dispute With Canada Has a Great Deal to do With UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Saudi Arabia is showing no signs of backing down from its economic, diplomatic and cultural embargo against Canada. While Canada has severely breached diplomatic protocol when the country’s Foreign Minister took to Twitter to criticise Saudi Arabia’s internal judicial proceedings in what amounted to a vainglorious attempt to virtue signal […]

Canada Has Lost The Art of Diplomacy as Liberal Hysteria Replaces a Calm Multipolar Approach

The Canadian Government led by Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Foreign Ministry led by the controversial Chrystia Freeland have an incredibly poor diplomatic record, one that would seemingly shame that of the current Prime Minister’s father Pierre Trudeau, a man who actively pursued multipolar relations throughout the world, even when it […]