Pro-Kiev Russian Clown Candidate Rejected by Ukrainian Regime

Comical Russian Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak has taken to embarrassing Russia on the world’s stage as part of an extended publicity stunt to attain relevance to her otherwise languishing reality television career. Her most recent attempted caper was writing to officials of the Ukrainian regime, asking for permission to visit Russia’s Crimea Peninsula.

While this would be analogous to writing the Turkish government in order to ask permission to visit Lebanon, she went ahead with the charade, only to see it backfire. Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin described Sobchak’s correspondence with the Kiev regime as, “a legitimate entrance in order to conduct an illegitimate campaign for an illegitimate election on an occupied territory”.

Meanwhile, the fascist website Myrotvorets has placed Sobchak on a list of individuals banned from entering Ukraine. While not a formal ban, Ukrainian journalists blacklisted by the neo-Nazi website have in fact been killed as a result.

With Sobchak has stated that after the election campaign she will likely relocate abroad, for the Kiev, regime, it is something of an own goal. One of the few people in Russia who publicly advocates on behalf of the regime has now been slapped down with the same kind of treatment as patriotic Russians.

While Sobchak continues to languish in the polls, it seems that she is as unwelcome in the regime of her dreams as she is in her native Russia. For all else this Russian election cycle is, at least it is entertaining. For more on the Russian Presidential election, to be held on 18 March, check out the latest discussion of the candidates in the clip below.

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