Syrian Ambassador al-Jaafari: US Attacked Facility Confirmed by OPCW as Having No Chemical Weapons

Syria’s envoy to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari has expressed his country’s “disgust” with the criminal tripartite aggression of the US, UK and France against the Syrian Arab Republic, before an emergency meeting of the Security Council. Questioning whether the international community is a genuine community of global nations or simply a cabal of imperial aggressors, he began his remarks by referencing to American books published at the end of the Cold War. The End of History by Francis Fukuyama and The Clash of Civilisations by Samuel Huntington. The books were described by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari as two works which provided a blueprint for global submission to the United States. The post-Cold War philosophy was summed up by the Syrian Ambassador with the American phrase, “my way or the highway”.

Turing to the tripartite aggressors, Dr. Bashar al-Jaarafi stated, “When lies keep being repeated, the person who lies underscores the fact that the person lying is a liar”. Turning to specific lies and deceit, the Syrian Ambassador pointed out that if the US “knew” which sites in Syria were allegedly producing chemical weapons, it was not the legal duty for the aggressors to bomb these facilities but instead to make sure the OPCW inspected these facilities. While addressing the Ambassadors from the US, UK and France who Dr. al-Jaafari continued to refer to as “colleagues, he said,

“If they knew the location of supposed chemical weapons centres, why didn’t you share it with the OPCW BEFORE attacking my country?”

Turing to the now destroyed research facility at Barzeh, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari highlighted that this very building was inspected by the OPCW twice in 2017 and that the OPCW found no evidence of any chemical weapons nor the tools with which to make them. The Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya made the same point during his address to the Security Council, as have journalists outside of the mainstream media. This key point was totally ignored by US Ambassador Nikki Haley as well as representatives of America’s European client states.

Highlighting this grossly hypocritical stance from the aggressors, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said,

“How do you reconcile statements from the OPCW about Barzeh with the US statements saying that there were chemical weapons?”

In spite of the aggression, the Ambassador assured the Security Council that the OPCW inspectors who are now in Syria will be given full access to any sites they wish to see. Furthermore, he condemned the attack as though it was a tactic designed to intentionally delay inspectors from easily proceeding to the site of the fabricated attack in Douma. HE pledged once again that Syria will help them “every step of the way” even though the aggressors punished Syria for a “crime” that has not even been investigated by the international body.

In closing, the Ambassador stated that “the tripartite aggressors should realise that after sever years of war  that their missiles and bombs will not weaken our determination to destroy their terrorists”.

He continued saying, “the attack sends a message to terrorists groups to continue their crimes, not just in Syria but in other countries….This is not just an attack on Syria but on international law”.

The Syrian Ambassador’s remarks make it clear that far from being the result of a unified world, three countries acted in contravention of the UN Charter, in contravention of all precepts of international law and in contravention of every protocol of diplomacy in order to commit a crime of aggression against a sovereign state. Making matters worse, they have done so in the name of aiding the very terrorists that the entire world ought to unite against. Nevertheless, the Syrian and allied fight against terrorism continues as even today, the Syrian Arab Army mobilises against the last remaining pockets of terrorist occupation in the country.

After his Dr. Bashar al-Jaffari’s speech, the UN Security Council voted on a resolution proposed by Russia calling to stop all aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic. Of the members of the Security Council, only China, Bolivia and Russia voted in favour of the draft resolution – it consequently failed to pass.

After the vote, Russian Ambassador Nebenzya criticised the aggressive states for basing their policies on myths while then pressuring people to believe their myths, while further stating that this attitude poses a threat to the UN charter.

Speaking once again, this time also after the vote, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that “the scene we have just witnessed is quite sad. In this council there are those who prefer to overlook and not see a big elephant that we have spoken of before. The elephant is the occupation of  one third of my country’s  territory…an American occupation of one third of our territory“.

He continued saying that Syria’s sovereignty has been violated by a permanent member of the Security Council. He then stated that far from fighting Daesh, the US and European war planes bombarded Syrian targets in order to try and retard the process of the fight against Daesh.

Finally, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari reminded the United Nations that when Syria intervened to protect Kuwait against the Iraqi invasion of 1990, it did so without any stings attached and rapidly withdrew once the situation was normalised. The key point is that Syria is being repaid with terrorism by the Gulf Cooperation Consul that Syria helped to preserve when one of its members became involved in a conflict with Iraq in the 1990s.

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