Russian World Cup Hailed as “Best Ever”

The President of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) Gianni Infantino has praised the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia as the most successful in history. Speaking to reporters days before the tournament final between France and Croatia, Infantino said,

“Since [a] couple of years I was saying that this would be the best World Cup ever; today I can say it with even more conviction because I lived it and you lived it. It is the best World Cup ever. Thank you Russia!”.

FIFA’s head also stated,

“The legacy of this World Cup will put Russia on the top of the countries in terms of football around the world”.


A combination of multiple exciting matches which often went into extra time, the presence of teams from nations not known as football champions in the late stages of the tournament, comfortable stadiums, plentiful leisure facilities for fans and a welcoming atmosphere from the Russian people all combined to make the 2018 World Cup one for the ages in the eyes of football fans and now FIFA’s President.

Prior to the World Cup western media outlets and particularly those in Britain attempted to paint Russia as a dangerous country that would be systematically unwelcoming to football fans from abroad. The reality has not only shamed the scare-mongering reports but has helped to show the true face of Russia to fans from throughout the world.

The 2018 World Cup has not only attracted fans who have come to cheer on their national teams but has seen fans attend matches from nations whose football teams are not in the World Cup. Fans from countries not in the World Cup who nevertheless travelled to Russia to attended matches include those from China, India, Pakistan, the United States, Qatar and Italy.



The ability of non-corporate journalists to report directly from events in Russia has also helped the wider world get a glimpse of this most successful World Cup, thus helping to counter the now discredited mainstream media narrative that the World Cup would be some sort of horror show.

Independent British journalist Graham Phillips travelled throughout Russia during the tournament bringing viewing around the world raw reportage highlighting both the pre and post-match atmosphere around the multiple Russian cities which hosted events.



In addition to being an exciting World Cup on the pitch and a carnival like atmosphere that blossomed between matches, this year’s World Cup was also praised for the efficient transport of fans between cities and venues as well as for the crime free atmosphere that welcomed fans.



Irrespective of whether France or Croatia are crowned World Cup victors on the 15th of July, Russia has won the hearts of football lovers throughout the world in what has been a truly spectacular World Cup from start to finish.

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