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Nicaragua Didn’t Overcome Its Hybrid War, It Made A Huge Concession To Stop It

There’s a popular narrative going around the Alt-Media Community that Nicaragua valiantly defeated the Hybrid War forces that were dispatched to overthrow the government, though the less “sexy” reality is that the government merely made a major political-military concession to the US in order to temporarily relieve the pressure being […]

Brazil’s Democracy Has Died

Like many of its neighbours, there have been growing pains and setbacks in Brazil’s democratic institutions for decades but the blatant and open conspiracy designed to prevent Brazil’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (known as Lula) from stepping back into the Presidency represents a watershed moment in the decline […]

Top Trends: Hybrid War Balkanization, Trumpism vs. Globalism, Renaissance 2.0

Three of the top worldwide trends that will continue to influence International Relations across the next decade are the threat of Hybrid War Balkanization, the ongoing struggle between Trumpism vs. Globalism, and the prospects of a Renaissance 2.0, with the most likely vision of the future being a blend of […]

The BRICS Have Released a Joint Declaration Following The Johannesburg Summit (Full Text)

The 10th annual BRICS meeting has just concluded in Johannesburg. The meeting was significant as it represented the de-facto ascension of the BRICS+ formula whereby key partners of the five nation group will begin to play a greater role in joint initiatives ranging from economic connectivity and shared expertise in […]