Author: Andrew Korybko

China’s Conundrum: What To Do About The “Young Marxists”?

The constitutionally communist People’s Republic of China has found itself in a conundrum about what to do with the student activist groups popularly known as “Young Marxists”, since their well-intentioned attempts to carry out grassroots reform of the country’s current variant of communism inadvertently risks destabilizing the entire system. A […]

Russia’s Non-Denial About Brokering Iran’s Withdrawal From Syria Is A Big Deal

The Kremlin uncharacteristically declined to comment on reports that Russia is seeking to broker Iran’s withdrawal from Syria in exchange for the Islamic Republic receiving sanctions relief from the US, which is extremely unusual because Moscow has a track record of issuing sharp unambiguous responses to fake news claims and […]

Trump’s Taunts Are Meant To Ironically Provoke A Nationalist Reaction From France

Trump’s twitter trolling is a genius soft power move meant to expose Macron’s recent attack against nationalism as nothing more than hypocritical pandering to the Liberal-Globalist elite. French President Macron insulted billions of people across the world a few days ago when he proclaimed that “nationalism is treason”. This in […]