Author: Andrew Korybko

Belarus & Russia: Nipping The “Annexation” Infowar Narrative In The Bud

The emerging narrative that Russia is planning to “annex” Belarus is nothing more than an external infowar attack on their recently troubled partnership that seeks to accelerate the pace of Minsk’s pro-Western pivot by falsely fearmongering about Moscow’s geopolitical intentions. Applebaum Rings The “Annexation” Alarm Even the most casual “Russia […]

Come One, Come All, And See “Naya Pakistan” With Your Own Eyes!

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan” (“New Pakistan”) just passed legislation loosening the country’s previously difficult visa procedure to allow for most of the world’s nationalities to either receive one on arrival or electronically, which will not only boost tourism and facilitate business dealings but impressively show the international community […]

Why Would The US Want Venezuela’s Oil When It Already Buys 41% Of Its Total Exports?

The prevailing Alt-Media narrative that Washington wants to impose a pro-US puppet regime on Venezuela in order to control all of the country’s oil doesn’t make much sense when considering that it already buys 41% of the Bolivarian Republic’s total exports, meaning that another more nuanced explanation needs to be […]

Russia Just Pulled A Syria In Venezuela, But Not The One That Alt-Media Expected

Contrary to the Alt-Media Community’s “wishful thinking” expectations that Russia would “pull a Syria” in Venezuela by commencing a full-on military intervention in support of the country’s democratically elected and legitimate government, Moscow instead decided to channel the diplomatic dimension of that Mideast campaign by offering to “mediate” between the […]

Don’t Listen To Soros’ Siren Song Against China’s Social Credit System

The billionaire Color Revolution financier made some seemingly valid points about the concerns that many Westerners have when it comes to China’s ubiquitous state surveillance system while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this week, but Soros’ populist spiel is nothing more than superficial justification for interfering […]