Author: Andrew Korybko

GRISCY Is The US’ Key To Containing Multipolarity In The Eastern Mediterranean

The US’ strengthening of its energy and security partnerships with the emerging strategic axis of Greece, “Israel”, and Cyprus (GRISCY) through the proposed “Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act” will contribute to containing multipolarity in the region by working against the interests of Turkey, Russia, and even China. The […]

Be It From Birthrates Or Migration, Russia’s About To Greatly Increase Its Muslim Population

The historically multicultural civilization of Russia is poised to see a boom in Muslim birthrates and migration in the coming decades as its indigenous Muslims grow at a record pace in parallel with the state’s possible policy of “replacement migration” from Muslim countries, all of which could collectively contribute to […]

Sudan’s “Deep State” Divisions Could Spell The End Of President Bashir’s Rule

It’s unclear at this confusing moment whether the reports about serious “deep state” divisions in Sudan are real or not, but even in the event that they’re just an infowar component of the ever-escalating Hybrid War being waged on the country, they nevertheless spell bad news for President Bashir. The […]

Nepal Might Be Modi’s Next Foreign Policy Target

A fledgling Hindu fundamentalist movement is becoming a more disruptive force in Nepali society after  clashing with the police over their demands that the country return to being a constitutionally Hindu state, something which perfectly dovetails with the “Akhand Bharat” grand strategy of Indian Prime Minister Modi and might make […]

There’s A Reason Why The West Is Portraying Haftar As A “Russian-Backed” Bogeyman

The Mainstream Media’s deliberate misportrayal of Libyan National Army General Haftar as “Russian-backed” is meant to turn him into a bogeyman for the purpose of discrediting his military gains after he turned on his American patron. Haftar “Goes Rogue” Much of the Mainstream Media’s reporting about the latest events in […]

The US’ Plans To Designate The IRGC As “Terrorists” Aren’t Just For Show

The US plans to use this possibly impending designation as the basis upon which to “justify” forthcoming Hybrid War measures against the Islamic Republic aimed at dismantling its “deep state” network in the Mideast, including through possible strikes against the IRGC and its Hezbollah allies in Syria. From Farce To […]