Author: Andrew Korybko

Why’s The West Painting Tanzania’s President As The Latest “African Tyrant”?

The Mainstream Media is ginning up an infowar campaign against Tanzania’s President because of his vociferously pro-family socio-conservative policies and his recent decision to double down on his country’s decades-long strategic partnership with China, fearmongering about his allegedly “authoritarian” tendencies despite him publicly declining to amend his country’s constitution to […]

India’s “Connect Central Asia” Strategy Will Heighten Regional Competition

India has plans to expand the eastern branch of the North-South Transport Corridor to Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia. This possibility was discussed in mid-November during the bilateral Investment Forum and signifies the natural outgrowth of India’s connectivity investments in Iran. Reaching the Russian marketplace is the prime […]

The Argentinian-Chinese Partnership Can Balance Trump’s “Fortress America”

Despite the post-Kirchner government’s many faults, one thing that it’s doing right is retaining the Argentinian-Chinese Strategic Partnership, which holds the best hope for Beijing to balance Trump’s “Fortress America” plans in the hemisphere. This week’s G20 Summit has drawn global attention to the host country of Argentina, a South […]

What’s India After In Afghanistan?

India is an illegitimate stakeholder that has no natural geographic or historical interests in Afghanistan, but it’s precisely for this reason why it’s best positioned to play the spoiler there by exploiting long-term expectations about the Chabahar Corridor in order to trick Russia into promoting the de-facto “internal partition” of […]

Britain Has Blood On Its Hands For The BLA’s Latest Terrorist Attack In Pakistan

The UK’s granting of political asylum to “Balochistan Liberation Army” (BLA) leader Hyrbyair Marri and its hosting of this fugitive means that Britain has blood on its hands for the latest terrorist attack that he masterminded against the Chinese consulate in Karachi, but while Islamabad might seek his extradition, there’s […]

The Hybrid War On CPEC Hits Karachi

The so-called “Balochistan Liberation Army’s” suicide attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi is a serious escalation of the Hybrid War on CPEC designed to put unprecedented pressure on China ahead of President Xi’s planned meeting with his American counterpart at the G20 Summit next week. The Chinese consulate in […]

China’s Conundrum: What To Do About The “Young Marxists”?

The constitutionally communist People’s Republic of China has found itself in a conundrum about what to do with the student activist groups popularly known as “Young Marxists”, since their well-intentioned attempts to carry out grassroots reform of the country’s current variant of communism inadvertently risks destabilizing the entire system. A […]

Russia’s Non-Denial About Brokering Iran’s Withdrawal From Syria Is A Big Deal

The Kremlin uncharacteristically declined to comment on reports that Russia is seeking to broker Iran’s withdrawal from Syria in exchange for the Islamic Republic receiving sanctions relief from the US, which is extremely unusual because Moscow has a track record of issuing sharp unambiguous responses to fake news claims and […]