Author: Andrew Korybko

Pakistan’s Commitment To The Kartarpur Corridor Shows How Much It Respects Sikhs

Pakistan avoided falling into the obvious trap of politicizing the Kartarpur Corridor as a response to India’s aggression in Kashmir, with its principled commitment to this project in spite of the upsurge in bilateral tensions showing just how much it respects the Sikh community’s religious sentiments. Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman […]

Modi Sent A Message To All Of India’s Minorities With His Latest Moves In Kashmir

Modi’s latest moves in Kashmir sent the message to all of India’s minorities that they mustn’t ever dare to resist the central government like the aforementioned region’s Muslims have otherwise the authorities will strip their states of the similar relative “autonomy” that some of them enjoy through the amendments made […]

If Crimea Matters, Russia Should Support Kashmir

There are striking structural similarities between Kashmir and Crimea that should make Russian decision makers think twice before endorsing the unilateral actions of their decades-long Indian partners if they want to remain politically consistent. Kashmir and Crimea share many structural similarities that most observers might have missed upon first glance […]

India’s Doing Everything That Israel Wishes It Could Do, But Few Seem To Care

India’s revocation of Kashmir’s relative “autonomy” embodies everything that its new “Israeli” ally wishes it could do to Palestine such as eliminating its separate political status and giving non-residents of the UNSC-recognized disputed territory the right to buy property there as part of its long-term plan to wage demographic warfare […]

India Responded To Trump’s Mediation Proposal By Killing More Kashmiris

India defiantly responded to Trump’s mediation proposal by killing more Kashmiris and concocting yet another “politically convenient” conspiracy theory about so-called “Pakistani-backed terrorists” there in order to distract the world from its plan to unleash a wave of “Weapons of Mass Migration” that might forever change the demographic balance of […]