Russian Pranksters Got Macedonia’s PM Zaev To Spill State Secrets About Moscow

Two famous Russian pranksters impersonated former Ukrainian President Poroshenko and got the Macedonian Prime Minister to spill some state secrets, the most important of which is the head of state’s suspicion that Serbia is doing Russia’s bidding by negotiating a territorial swap with its NATO-occupied Autonomous Province of Kosovo and […]

Remembering Ross Perot

In 1992, the United States was externally at its most powerful and domineering in history. But at the same time, a so-called “jobless recovery” after the early 1990s recession left many ordinary Americans feeling as though their best days were behind them. Into this void stepped the politically inexperienced but […]

Jeremy Corbyn is Criticised For His Principles But it is His Selling Out of His Principles That Will Cost Him Power

Jeremy Corbyn is frequently criticised for his principled and allegedly controversial positions on foreign affairs. As such, he has been accused of being everything from a communist agent of espionage, to an Islamist terrorist sympathiser, to an IRA sympathiser, to a hater of Jews. This is all rather heavy fare […]

People From Developing And Post-Colonial Countries Should Reject The Poison of Western Universities

Over half a century after the decolonisation movements of the 20th century, one set of western institutions continues to repress the spirit of freedom and equality within post-colonial societies. Whilst seemingly benign, western universities continue to poison the minds of thousands in post-colonial societies who believe that the sole gateway […]

Give Hong Kong to Britain And London to China

To the wider world, Jeremy Hunt is most famous for the many times that radio and television presenters mispronounced his surname whilst he has more recently gained notoriety for being “that boring guy trying to debate Boris Johnson”. Therefore it might come as a surprise to many that Jeremy Hunt […]

The EU Mentality Has Helped to Destroy European Classical Music

Tragically, many formally trained musicians and non-musicians alike, make the false assumption that an orchestral score is the final product of any given European classical composer’s musical composition. This untruth has been reinforced even by some prominent musicians themselves (including Stravinsky and Toscanini) who would pretend that pages of paper […]