The Same Guy Verhofstadt Who Wants a New Brexit Vote Decries a New Vote For Istanbul’s Mayoral Election

The leader of the Liberal faction in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt has just decried a decision by Turkish officials to conduct a re-vote in the contentious Istanbul Mayoral race. During the initial vote on 31 March, it was proclaimed that CH Party candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu beat AK Party candidate […]

Breaking Down Pompeo’s Verbal Assault On Russia & China’s Arctic Interests

The American Secretary of State threw down the gauntlet at Monday’s Arctic Council summit and showed the world that his country will actively challenge Russia and China’s interests in the Arctic Ocean. US Secretary of State Pompeo’s appearance at Monday’s Arctic Council summit in Finland would have been a routine […]

Censorship is Love (a Protest Poem)

He’s an all American success story Cutting down the latter rungs below. A termite in understated glory Beneath that sunny Silicon glow. He sees you when you’re sleeping He knows when you’re awake But he couldn’t find a few bored Russians So censor yourself for goodness sake! The KGB charter […]

Opposition to 5G is Opposition to Human Progress

The arrival of new and groundbreaking technologies typically elicits feelings of joyous anticipation among the general public but with positive reactions to technological breakthroughs also comes a deeply hostile reaction from a minority of technophobic neo-luddites who are paranoid about furthering the human condition. For some, reacting negatively to objectively […]

Revenge of The Nerds: How Silicon Valley Outcasts Stole Our Liberty

Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram have just banned another wave of commentators including gay right-winger Milo Yiannopoulos, conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson, black civil rights activist and anti-Zionist Louis Farrakhan and pro-Zionist right winger Laura Loomer. Additionally, the politically active actor James Woods was blocked from Twitter. This latest round […]