A Respectful Disagreement With Nigel Farage: Britain’s Constitution Should Remain “Unwritten”

Britain’s constitution is not literally unwritten because there are multiple documents which comprise its content ranging from the 1215 Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights of 1689, to give but two important examples. Additionally, the British constitution is comprised of unwritten traditions which have become constitutional precedent whilst the […]

Nigel Farage Lays Down The Gauntlet For Boris Johnson: A Coupon Election 2.0 Could Occur Before November

The greatest truths in life are the simplest and today Nigel Farage has clearly stated where his newly formed and electorally victorious (in May’s EU elections) Brexit Party stands. A great deal has changed since the spring of this year. The Brexit Party’s barnstorming victory in the EU elections ended […]

It is Impossible to be a Conservative Whilst Denying That Hong Kong is China

There are multiple reasons why proclaiming to be a genuine conservative (note the small ‘c’) whilst supporting rioting and  separatism in Hong Kong are mutually exclusive positions. Most apparently, seeing as social conservatism is built upon the foundation of respect for law and order and a complete rejection of mob […]

The Problem With Pan-Europeanism

Of the many great follies inherent in political pan-Europeanism, the varied and necessarily hostile concepts of nationhood across Europe are the most intractable. As such, these follies are better defined as a monolithic problem that has been made worse by an attempt at a solution – a solution that since […]

Hollywood Should Thank Donald Trump For His Laissez-faire Approach to Hong Kong

In spite of great pressures to change course, Donald Trump has remained generally laissez-faire in his position of non-intervention in Hong Kong. In spite of being undermined by his own deep state on the matter, Trump has consistently expressed either non-interventionist or otherwise moderate views on the matter. Whilst Hollywood […]