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Top Russian Foreign Policy Planner Clarified Her Country’s Ties With Israel & Iran

The Senior Advisor of the Foreign Policy Planning Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation denied that there ever was a so-called “Russia-Shia axis” like Alt-Media claimed for years and reminded the prestigious audience at Russia’s top think tank that her country militarily cooperates with both […]

Does Russia Think That Its UK-Flagged Sailors Have Been Taken”Hostage” By Iran?

The chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee used very loaded language when describing the status of his country’s sailors who were on a UK-flagged vessel that was just detained by Iran. Russian-Iranian relations have always been very complicated, but their contemporary state is probably the most complex […]

Here’s What Recent Events in Venezuela Can Explain About Donald Trump’s Distaste For Expensive Interventions

For Venezuela, the year started with a bang but half way through and things are starting to sound like a rapidly softening whimper. It was on 23 January that a hitherto little known figure called Juan Guaidó took to the streets of Caracas and declared himself the president of Venezuela. […]

Israel’s Latest Strikes In Syria Prove That The Jerusalem Summit Was A Success

There’s no more convincing proof that last week’s historic National Security Summit in Jerusalem between Russia, “Israel”, and the US was a success than the self-professed “Jewish State’s” latest anti-Iranian strikes in Syria, which were more than likely approved — if not coordinated — by Moscow in advance as part […]

An Indian Official Invoked The “R2P” Doctrine To Defend New Delhi’s Gulf Deployment

An unnamed Indian official told Sputnik’s New Delhi office that his country’s concerns about the escalating situation in the Gulf stem from its large diaspora there, which interestingly hints that the so-called “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine is being used to defend India’s anti-Iranian military deployment to the region. India’s […]

Crisis Management: India, Pakistan And India

At the core of this piece is an exploration of the different ways in which both real and manufactured crises are managed by three large Asian countries that have dominated the headlines throughout 2019. India  The key to decoding Indian crisis management is an understanding of the concept of plausible […]