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Here’s What Recent Events in Venezuela Can Explain About Donald Trump’s Distaste For Expensive Interventions

For Venezuela, the year started with a bang but half way through and things are starting to sound like a rapidly softening whimper. It was on 23 January that a hitherto little known figure called Juan Guaidó took to the streets of Caracas and declared himself the president of Venezuela. […]

Crisis Management: India, Pakistan And India

At the core of this piece is an exploration of the different ways in which both real and manufactured crises are managed by three large Asian countries that have dominated the headlines throughout 2019. India  The key to decoding Indian crisis management is an understanding of the concept of plausible […]

Liberalism Threatens The West, Not Iran. This is Why American Liberals Are Wrapping Themselves in The Iranian Flag

Since 1979, America’s relations with Iran have been vastly more inconsistent than the manner in which they are often portrayed. It was in 1979 that an indecisive Jimmy Carter administration betrayed its Iranian ally and did nothing to prevent the Iranian Revolution from fomenting regime change in a country that […]