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The Breakdown of The Quad Demonstrates That Asia Wants Trading Partnerships And Not Military Ones

During a discussion in Singapore, US Admiral Phil Davidson admitted that the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue format (aka the Quad) may effectively be dead on arrival after the security partnership between India, Japan, Australia and the United States has failed to gain much traction among its members. The reality is that […]

ASEAN’s Gradualist Approach is Far Superior to APEC’s Untenable Grandiosity and Its “White Man’s Veto”

This month has seen the customary end-of-year ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) conference followed by the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference with the former being held in Singapore and the latter being held in Papua New Guinea. This year, while the ASEAN conference did not formally finalise the creation […]

China and Japan Ink Major Agreements as Historic Hostility Gives Way to Win-Win Cooperation

A positive breakthrough  While China and Japan formally established diplomatic relations in 1972, subsequent relations were often marred by lingering historic hostility. This week however saw a culmination of a lengthy and manifold reconciliation process that has resulted in multiple agreements signed between the public sectors and business sectors of […]

China Welcomes a New Partnership With Japan, But Will Tokyo Seize This Golden Opportunity?

Japan’s historic relations with China are marked by negativity, but in spite of this, in the modern era China seeks to turn a new page on Sino-Japanese relations and engage in a co-equal economic partnership within the framework of Belt and Road centred cooperative measures. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua […]

India’s Sell-Off of US Treasuries Proves That China’s Simultaneous Sell-Off is Not Ideologically Motivated

While the heavily indebted US economy relies on sovereign states to purchase American debt, the inflationary spirals that have appeared throughout small, medium and large emerging markets as a direct result of Washington’s policies have led to the phenomenon of both US partners and rivals simultaneously selling off their holdings […]