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Europe’s Freedom Was Secured by Pakistan

In November of 1989 ordinary Germans began physically tearing down the Berlin Wall whilst soldiers of the DDR (East German) stood by doing nothing. Throughout Europe, communist regimes that had been imposed on largely non-consenting populations were falling and global media remarked on the fact that all of it happened […]

Pakistan’s Black Day of Awakening

One of the primary differences between developing and developed nations is that developed nations are defined by the accomplishments of their past whilst developing nations are defined by their present day struggles. Since 1947, Pakistan’s primary struggle has been to unify occupied Kashmir with the rest of its western territories. […]

Decades of Insular Pakistani Leadership is to Blame For The World’s Failure to Care About Kashmir

Yesterday, India effectively annexed the formerly occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir by abrogating Article 370 of the Indian constitution and the related presidential order 35A. 370 provided for limited autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir whilst 35A forbade non-Kashmiris from purchasing real property in Jammu and Kashmir.  With these provisions […]

Imran Khan Wins America

It was a Sunday night and Washington’s large Capital One Arena was packed. But it wasn’t packed for basketball or a music concert, it was 20,000 people who came to listen to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. It was at this moment when on a cultural level, decades of mistrust […]

Donald Trump And Imran Khan: Two Men Who Must Show Down Their Literally Insane Opposition by Invoking Conservative Values

When Pakistan and the United States were partners, they helped to drive the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan which itself paved the way for the collapse of the USSR itself, the end of communist regimes throughout Europe and in 1992, the fall of the communist regime in Kabul. By contrast, […]