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Peace in Afghanistan Will Not be Possible Until Kabul Acknowledges The Durand Line

While contemporary disputes between Afghanistan and Pakistan continue to permeate the consciousness of regional observers as well as international peace keepers, the reality is that it is an 1893 colonial era agreement that continues to prevent a genuine sense of trust and transparency from being achieved between Kabul and Islamabad.  […]

Imran Khan and Donald Trump: Will They Hate Each Other or Develop a Positive Working Relationship?

While Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s domestic rivals have been out for his throat ever since the former cricketing star entered the political arena in 1996, for those with an honest mindset, allegations of hypocrisy and inconsistency betray the fact that when compared to almost all other front-line Pakistani politicians, […]

The RuPak Railway Could Complement Or Even Replace The NSTC

The establishment of a financial consortium and joint working group between the railway administrations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan could one day lead to the creation of a Russia-Pakistan (RuPak) railway via Central Asia that would complement the Indo-Iranian North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) to Russia but also potentially […]

Imran Khan Has Shown More Diplomatic Maturity in Four Months Than Many Leaders do After Decades

The still fresh faced Imran Khan has only been Pakistan’s Prime Minister since August of this year, yet his diplomatic skills and ability to balance good relations between multiple rivalling powers has already proven that Imran has eschewed the ideological bent that defined some of his childish predecessors and has […]

Imran Khan Slams “Colonised Minds” as Liberals Attack Pakistan’s Poverty Relief Programme

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is in the midst of transforming Pakistan from a neo-feudal economy into a modernised welfare state with Islamic characteristics as was the vision of the country’s founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In addition to building millions of new modern homes and providing temporary tented accommodation for […]

India’s “Connect Central Asia” Strategy Will Heighten Regional Competition

India has plans to expand the eastern branch of the North-South Transport Corridor to Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia. This possibility was discussed in mid-November during the bilateral Investment Forum and signifies the natural outgrowth of India’s connectivity investments in Iran. Reaching the Russian marketplace is the prime […]

What’s India After In Afghanistan?

India is an illegitimate stakeholder that has no natural geographic or historical interests in Afghanistan, but it’s precisely for this reason why it’s best positioned to play the spoiler there by exploiting long-term expectations about the Chabahar Corridor in order to trick Russia into promoting the de-facto “internal partition” of […]

Britain Has Blood On Its Hands For The BLA’s Latest Terrorist Attack In Pakistan

The UK’s granting of political asylum to “Balochistan Liberation Army” (BLA) leader Hyrbyair Marri and its hosting of this fugitive means that Britain has blood on its hands for the latest terrorist attack that he masterminded against the Chinese consulate in Karachi, but while Islamabad might seek his extradition, there’s […]