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Trump Plays it Cool on Hong Kong

When Hillary Clinton Tweeted her hardline support for the Hong Kong rioters just hours after they conducted an ISIS style torture of a Global Times journalist inside an airport, the world could have and should have breathed a sigh of relief. The seemingly counter-intuitive sigh of relief should have been […]

Managing Expectations Prior to The G20

This year’s G20 summit in Japan comes amid rising tensions in the Persian Gulf, a US-China trade war that is becoming more monolithic by the day, a Korean peace process that has been somewhat forgotten by the world’s chattering classes and an overall negative feeling that could be accidentally magnified […]

The US Is Now India’s #1 Trade Partner, Jeopardizing Russia’s Pipeline Plans

Russia’s “Return to South Asia” was supposed to see it build the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline as a means of promoting peaceful multipolar regional integration, but the US is about to jeopardize this plan after it was disclosed just days before Pompeo’s upcoming visit to India that America has suddenly […]

Huawei Helps Guide China to Important And Realistic Realisation That Inter-Dependence is Different Than Connectivity

China continues to be the world’s foremost advocate for commercial and financial connectivity on a global basis. The very essence of the Belt and Road initiative is designed to maximise the win-win potential of cooperation between nations and continents on a level that has not yet been realised in spite […]