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Samsung Closes One of its Two Factories in China as Domestically Produced Brands Prove More Popular

Chinese media has confirmed that as per Korean company Samsung’s announcement from December, it has closed its factory in Tianjin. This leaves Samsung with only one factory in mainland China, located in Huizhou, Guangdong. While Samsung remains the largest manufacturer of mobile phones world wide, the company’s market share in China has […]

Don’t Let Trump Say That The Trade War Helped US Job Increases – Manufacturing is Tanking

Despite a shaky start to the new year, the Dow Jones ultimately gained a substantial 746.94 points at the close of trade on Friday, the 4th of January, a rise of 3.29% from the previous day’s close. While Apple’s mid week report down-scaling Q1 forecasts caused widespread misery on Thursday, this […]

China Continues to Successfully Compartmentalise Relations With US as Trade Talks Set to Resume in January

After a December of sustained losses on the US stock market, the 26th saw a major rebound on reports from Mastercard regarding an increase in US retail sales (excluding motor vehicles) between the 1st of November and Gregorian Christmas Eve. According to Mastercard, retail sales were up at a rate […]