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Tom McGregor Interviewed on The Current Tensions in The China-US Trade War

Eurasia Future’s Adam Garrie interviewed China expert, editor and commentator at CCTV.com and longtime Beijing resident Tom McGregor about the latest developments in the China-US trade war. AG: Just when China-US trade negotiations seemed to be heading for a win-win deal, Donald Trump surprised the world by announcing a new […]

German Officials Hesitant to Join US War on Huawei

The United States government continues to try and coerce its traditional European partners into to banning the Chinese tech firm¬†Huawei from building European 5G mobile networks. In an attempt to stifle free market competition and consumer choice through scare tactics involving alleged but unsubstantiated security issues, Washington hopes to develop […]

Donald Trump is Looking For a “Mission Accomplished” Moment in The Trade War – China Merely Seeks a Win-Win Conclusion

In normal circumstances, countries relax tariffs against one another during low key bilateral meetings which typically take place on the soil of one of the two nations whose tariffs are going to be mutually lowered. But for Donald Trump whose infamous trade war on China is more of an ideological […]