A Taste of Freedom: Palestinians on Great March of Return Break Through Apartheid Fence in Gaza (VIDEO)

Demonstrations in Palestine as part of the Great March of Return continue in the run-up to Nakba Day on the 15th of Mar. In Gaza, thousands of mostly young Palestinians have been protesting for the right to return to their stolen land while regime troops have slaughtered 47 and wounded 7,900. Far from minor wounds, many of the wounded remain critically ill while others have lost their arms, legs and genitals as it was revealed that regime soldiers have targeted demonstrators in their most physically vulnerable areas.

Earlier today, several young Palestinians cut through the Apartheid separation fence which has turned Gaza into what many observers have called an “open air prison”. While they weren’t able to get far, many jumped with joy as for a few moments they took several steps closer to the land that has been stolen from them by the regime.

Palestinians have vowed to maintain their protests up to and including Nakba Day, which on the 15th of May commemorates the killing and expulsion of Palestinians from their ancient homeland beginning in 1948.


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