Birthday Poem For Tatay Digong

He found a people on their knees
And gave them pride in who they are
All the while fighting the gravest disease
That plagued the nation and left deep scars.

A humble servant without hesitation
In the fight for revitalisation
His every waking hour spent
To revive lands that had suffered from neglect.

From Davao’s streets to Boracay’s shores
A clean land befitting a clean government
Going forward with ever more confidence than before
Much to the consternation of the intransigent.

The old ways no longer were good enough
For a leader who answered only to the people’s will
And thus he had the courage to confront
Those who destroy, who rape, who kill.

A hero in the truest sense
Modest in means but with extraordinary vision
And thus future generations will experience
A land with prosperity and a global mission.

Friends with neighbours near and countries far
Enemy only of traitors that live and breathe destruction
So that the nation can properly function
From the Barangays to cherished OFWs no matter where they are.

Human life is the greatest human right
And he is the greatest ally in this plight
To right the wrongs and create a safer place
For the innocent members of the human race.

Tatay Digong an inspiration to the world
Who never surrendered to the devils shouting slanderous words
His success is there for all to see
As for once the Filipino people are truly free.

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