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Duterte’s Drug War Wins Praise From Sri Lanka, Thus Demonstrating That Black Propaganda Against Duterte Has Failed

Few nations know the horrors of a sustained war on terror as does Sri Lanka. Between 1983 and 2009 Sri Lanka authorities faced an insurgency led by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that cost over 100,000 lives. As the narcotics trade remains one of the most valuable sources of funding […]

Lack of Public Outrage Over US Navy Officer’s Insult to Philippine Dignity Says a Lot About a Broken Political System

A US Naval officer by the name of Travis W. Zettel has been fired from his command of Los Angeles class submarine USS Bremerton after reports emerged that while stationed in The Philippines, he hired multiple prostitutes to entertain himself and members of his crew. But while Zettel has clearly brought his own […]

Lessons For The Philippines: Trump Would be Wise to Advocate a Shift to Parliamentary Governance

Understanding Trump’s popularity in The Philippines vis-a-vis his predecessor Donald Trump remains generally popular among the vast majority of Filipinos who continue to support President Rodrigo Duterte in record numbers. The reasons for this are not hard to ascertain. Donald Trump has uniformly resisted attempts by members of the US […]

Prosperity Loving Filipinos Must Carry The Flag of Duterte in One Hand And The Flag of Parliamentary Reform in The Other

In discussions about constitutional reform (aka charter change) in The Philippines, the term “transitional period” is at times referenced to denote a temporary hybrid system that would exist between the end of the current system and a fully fledged move to federal-parliamentary governance. And while structurally, the current crop of […]

Duterte’s Remarks on The Commission on Audit Should Get People Talking About Federalism

While no fiscally prudent individual likes big government, it is often that governmental organisations designed to better restrict government spending become bloated big government bodies themselves. Such is the case with the Philippine Commission on Audit that was established as yet another permanent body of government by the 1987 Constitution. President […]

Filipino Supporters of Federal-Parliamentary + FDI Reforms Should Reach Out to America’s Ron Paul

While western NGOs have a history of meddling in the affairs of multiple foreign nations, much of the media-industrial complex and old political establishment in The Philippines is deeply inter-connected with companies, NGOs, sources of wealth and political strategists in the United States. As Filipinos continue to have generally positive […]

This Video Explains Why Federal-Parliamentary Reforms Are Essential to Building a Better Future For The Philippines

Orion Perez D has made a video explaining the ins and outs of parliamentary legislative systems throughout the world and why such a system would far better serve the interests of The Philippines than the more chaotic and needlessly complex US style Presidential/Congressional system that is currently in place. The […]