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If Rodrigo Duterte Were in Charge of Brexit – Britain Would Already be Out of The EU With a Clean Break

Duterte’s quotes on sovereignty Rodrigo Duterte has delivered on his promise to withdraw The Philippines from the International Criminal Court (ICC). As a staunch defender of Philippine sovereignty, Duterte had no time for an international body meddling in the domestic affairs of his nation and particularly one with a track […]

Duterte Delivered Freedom From The ICC: The Next Step is Freeing The Philippines From a Broken Political System

It is now official, like Singapore, China, the United States, Russia, India, Pakistan, Turkey and many others, The Philippines is no longer under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC is not only a flawed organisation but a fatally flawed one. This fact has been recognised by […]

If Duterte Were Prime Minister in a Parliamentary System – Reinstating The Death Penalty Would Not Have Been Delayed

The phrase narco-terrorism has often been used on these pages to describe the blood soaked culture surrounding the dangerous drug shabu in The Philippines. The fact that shabu has led to mass murder, child rape, people being burnt alive, beheadings and now the gang rape, throat slitting and skinning alive […]

Lessons For The Philippines: FDI is Not “Foreign Domination” But a Win-Win Two-Way Street

In The Philippines, defenders of the 1987 Constitution’s anti-foreign direct investment (FDI) restrictions often invoke hyper-nationalism to indicate that the modernising of restrictions on FDI would lead to something akin to neo-colonialism against The Philippines. Such arguments not only misrepresent the neo-colonial nature of the class of domestic oligarchs shielded […]

Mahathir’s Visit to The Philippines Should be a Lesson in The Superiority of Pro-FDI Federal-Parliamentary Systems

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has shaped Malaysia more profoundly than any of its modern leaders. Apart from just being the longest serving Prime Minister of his country (1981-2003/2018-present), Mahathir’s reputation as a no-nonsense, forward looking, pro-development reformist helped to transform Malaysia from a country that was decades behind neighbouring Singapore […]

If The Philippines Had a Pro-FDI Constitution – Mike Pompeo Would Have Had More Than Empty Words to Offer

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has skilfully ushered in a new non-aligned foreign policy that has allowed the country to renew historic ties with China in the modern era, leave old disputes with Malaysia in the past, become a leading light in ASEAN, whilst also gradually developing new ties with countries […]