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The Truth About Duterte: Why he is Loved by His People And Maligned by The Ignorant

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte remains one of the most misunderstood leaders in the world. This is primarily due to a combination of fake news generated by his domestic opponents, primarily in the Liberal Party and a wider pan-liberal global campaign designed to discredit Duterte’s popular reforms among news readers in […]

Most Jihadist Terrorists Are on Drugs: Gaddafi Knew This in 2011 and Duterte Knows it Today

In 2011, when Libyan Revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi appeared before his nation saying that seditious elements and foreign agitators were on narcotics and thus deprived of their own cognitive abilities, he was laughed at by the western mainstream media who cheered on his subsequent assassination at the hands of al-Qaeda proxies […]

Rado Gatchalian Interviews Adam Garrie About President Duterte and The Philippines – Part II

Editor’s note: The following is an interview conducted by Rado Gatchalian. Gatchalian is one of the lead initiators of various DDS global events, DU30 Correspondent for Australia Blogger and organiser of RaDU30 Advocacy and The FILOsopher. He asked Eurasia Future’s Adam Garrie the following questions about President Duterte and The Philippines. […]

Duterte’s “Friend” Donald Trump Could Easily Reduce Inflation in The Philippines

Yesterday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte spoke about the current inflation problems in The Philippines. He correctly indicated that the root cause of inflation not just in The Philippines but throughout all developing economies (including in China) is due to external factors, namely the American trade war, the US Federal Reserves […]

The Timing of Duterte’s Move to Bring Trillanes to Justice Was Highly Significant

When one mentions the Middle East, does one think of tranquillity, peace, human rights and stability? It is highly likely one thinks the opposite. Between Shi’a Muslims and Sunni Muslims engaged in combat, Takfiris killing Christians, Israelis killing Palestinians, Hamas launching rockets at Israel, Saudis boycotting Qataris and threatening them […]