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After SONA, Duterte Must Take Constitutional Reform/Charter Change Directly to The People

Condescending voices continue to state that The Philippines is “not ready” for constitutional reform and worse yet that the Filipino people aren’t equipped to understand the reforms that are at stake. These insulting and borderline racist points of view defy both logic and good political strategy. In terms of the […]

Foreign Direct Investment With Strengthen Both The Philippine Economy And Philippine Culture

In The Philippines, defenders of the 1987 Constitution’s anti-foreign direct investment (FDI) restrictions often invoke hyper-nationalism to indicate that the modernising of restrictions on FDI would lead to something akin to neo-colonialism against The Philippines. Such arguments not only misrepresent the neo-colonial nature of the class of domestic oligarchs shielded […]

Duterte Effortlessly Mocks Opponents Whose War Lust Would Usher in Death For Millions of Filipinos

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has used a sardonic speech to mock the madness of his political opponents who somehow believe that The Philippines can or should militarily challenges China in the South China Sea. Duterte stated: “There’s always America pushing us, egging us [towards war with China], ‘Go, go!’ They’re […]