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Imagine a Country With Such a Backward Constitution That Its Leaders Are Not Even Worth Overthrowing?

Political systems that resort to arbitrary rather than evidenced means of measuring success or failure tend to be predisposed to such high levels of failure that one begins to covet arbitrary restrictions on democracy in order to minimise the expected damage that various politicians will inflict on the nation. Nowhere […]

On Eid, it is Wise to Remember That Duterte Has Done More For Muslims Than Any Previous Leader of The Philippines

It has been widely stated that in spite of not having African American heritage, Bill Clinton was America’s “first black president”. This expression tended to become a less common refrain after the 2008 election of Barack Obama, but prior to that time, Clinton was seen as someone who embraced African […]

Duterte’s Spirit of Pan-Asian Openness Will be Enhanced Through Proper Constitutional Reforms

Under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, The Philippines has experienced an upturn in its economic fortunes with both Asian and western investors looking at the potential of a consistently growing ASEAN economy that is both ideally located as well as being home to a young widely English speaking population […]

The Richest Liberals in The World Could Not Turn Filipinos Against Duterte

What does one call a multi-million dollar international campaign by liberal neo-imperialists designed to influence Philippine public opinion against President Rodrigo Duterte? Based on every opinion poll on Duterte since the summer of 2016 up to this month’s midterm elections when pro-Duterte candidates virtually swept the board, one ought to […]

Federal-Parliamentary Advocates in The Philippines Have Ideas – Anti-Reformists Have Only Illogical Fearmongering

After one has spent substantial time reviewing online and real life discussions about the need to transform The Philippines from its current convoluted presidential system into a straightforward Singapore style parliamentary system at a national level, with the added element of creating parliaments in new federal units of the country, […]