Analysis and Policy

Understanding Indonesia’s Rejection of Anti-BRI Scare Tactics

Indonesia’s elections are over and incumbent President Joko Widodo has declared victory over opponent Prabowo Subianto. Throughout the election period, Subianto issued statements critical of Chinese investments in the country. Far from offering a realistic economic alternative, Subianto simply rallied his supporters towards an ultra-nationalist agenda that included elements of […]

Macron’s Eternal Shame

Last night should have been a time of humility for the deeply unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron. It was on his watch that his country’s most famous monument, the Notre Dame Cathedral burnt throughout the evening, causing damage that has been described as catastrophic.  But rather than express supreme  contrition […]

China’s New Foreign Investment Law is a Win-Win For The Global Economy

The 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) has passed the Foreign Investment Law (FIL) which streamlines, reforms and modernises all of China’s foreign direct investment laws and regulations. The FIL has replaced three previous laws governing foreign investment and as such looks to create further transparency and a greater ease of […]