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Daesh Is Curiously Pursuing The Same Strategic Goal As India In Afghanistan

The world’s most notorious terrorist group claimed credit for a suicide bombing in Pakistan that killed the Taliban leader’s younger brother and threatened to derail the organization’s peace talks with the US, which curiously aligns with the same strategic goal being pursued by India in Afghanistan. Daesh claimed credit for […]

India Implied That Trump Is Surrendering To The Taliban To Win Re-Election

India’s UN Representative didn’t directly say that Trump is surrendering to the Taliban to win re-election, but he strongly implied as much during a speech that he recently gave before the Security Council, with this indirect infowar attack against his country’s new military-strategic ally showing just how desperate New Delhi […]

Pakistan is Marking 21 Years of its Nuclear Deterrent – if Only a Fence Was Built on The Durand Line at The Same Time

Many in Pakistan are celebrating the 21st anniversary of the development and successful first test of the country’s nuclear deterrent. These nuclear weapons have largely helped to prevent a major 1971 style war in south Asia due to the peace keeping phenomenon known as mutually assured destruction. But while a […]

Daesh Is Getting Ready To Infiltrate Into Central Asia From Afghanistan

Russia’s FSB Director warned that approximately 5,000 Syrian-hardened Daesh terrorists of Central Asian origin are amassing along Afghanistan’s northern border region in preparation for infiltrating back into their homelands under the cover of being refugees and labor migrants, representing a dire threat to the region’s stability that could catalyze a […]

Idlib-Based Uighur Terrorists Threatened Russian Forces In Syria

The so-called “Turkistan Islamic Party”, the Syrian branch of the Uighur-led terrorist group previously known as the “East Turkestan Islamic Movement”, threatened to deal Russia a defeat akin to the one that its Soviet predecessor experienced in Afghanistan, demonstrating the transnational danger that this group has become and consequently explaining […]