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Time is Ticking for Kabul

Hours ago, two Americans and Kandahar police chief Abdul Raziq were killed after Afghan guards opened fire shortly after the conclusion of a meeting between Raziq, Kandahar’s governor and General Austin S. Miller, the Commander of US troops in Afghanistan. Today’s blood-soaked events make it abundantly clear that the “just a […]

Imran Khan – ‘We Are All Pakistanis Now’: Refugee Policy Makes History

Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan has pledged to grant Pakistani citizenship to 1.5 million Afghan refugees and 200,000 million Bangladeshi refugees, many of whom have been living in Pakistan for decades. The statement came without prior warning and has sent shockwaves throughout Pakistan’s political community. While it remains the […]

Fake News on China’s Participation in Foreign Conflicts Indicates How Seriously The World Takes China’s Armed Forces

It is generally unusual for both those with a pro-China stance and anti-China stance to both spread equal and opposite rumours regarding China’s participation in foreign military conflicts. Two recent examples of such completely baseless claims regarding China’s alleged participation in two of the world’s major conflicts illustrate how China’s […]

Moscow’s Afghan Conference Is Postponed: Undignified Defeat Or Strategic Delay?

The abrupt postponement of next week’s Afghan conference in Moscow might look like an undignified Russian defeat in the face of a dangerous American provocation this morning, but it’s actually a strategic delay intended to make the outcome more fruitful by potentially including Kabul in this framework. Russian Foreign Minister […]