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Thursday’s RF-US-PRC Taliban Talks In Moscow Are Bad News For India

Indian strategists are watching in horror as Russian, American, and Chinese interests increasingly converge in Afghanistan, with representatives from each of those three aforementioned Great Powers meeting in Moscow on Thursday to discuss the Taliban peace process in a major diplomatic development which proves that New Delhi has become just […]

The Indo-US Nexus Strengthens as The Atlantic Council Censors Pakistan’s Military

 On 1 April, the Atlantic Council lent its Digital Forensic Lab (DFR) services to Facebook and its cybersecurity team in endeavour that saw 103 pages, accounts and groups all allegedly linked to Pakistan’s military’s PR wing removed. Facebook stated that ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’ was the reason for taking them down. […]

Afghanistan Was Designed to Fail And The International Community Has Incubated This Failure

While much of the world has been transfixed by the post-2014 Ukraine conflict and its historical origins, Afghanistan’s internal conflicts and Kabul’s conflicts with its neighbours have followed much the same pattern. The main differences is that Afghanistan’s troubles have been going on for far longer. To understand the similarities […]

A Leading Indian Academic Just Alleged A Far-Fetched Russian-Pakistani Plot

Leading Indian security expert Vinay Kaura alleged a far-fetched Russian-Pakistani plot in his latest op-ed for the popular Firstpost online information outlet, strongly implying that Russia taught Pakistan how to conduct Hybrid Warfare against India in exchange for Islamabad teaching it how to wage proxy warfare against the US in […]

Today’s Tragic Terrorist Attack in Balochistan is a Grim Reminder of How Pakistan is a Victim And Not an Aggressor

Due to its location between hostile neighbours, Pakistan has faced the threat of terrorism on its soil since its inception as a state. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, India helped to foment separatist extremism in what was then East Pakistan. After India fought against Pakistan in 1971 which resulted in […]

Pakistan Must Learn to be More Assertive Against Aggressive Neighbours While Maintaining Warm Relations With Global Superpowers

Pakistan was born with the geographical misfortune to live between two countries who since their inception have harboured expansionist tendencies against Pakistan’s legally defined territory. India succeeded in first occupying parts of Kashmir which if given their UN mandated right to vote for their national self-determination, would almost certainly vote […]