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China Sends Soft Spoken But Clear Message to Obstinate European Union

China has just imposed anti-dumping duties on the organic chemical toluidine imported from the European Union. Whilst the proximate cause of Beijing’s anti-dumping duty on the chemical used primarily in dyes is predicated on a desire to safeguard Chinese producers against unfair competition, there is a broader issue at hand. […]

It’s Not A “Trade War”, India & The US Are Just Trying To Get A Better Trade Deal

Many international observers have misinterpreted Trump’s termination of India’s membership in the “Generalized System of Preferences” and New Delhi’s decision to supposedly go forward with the S-400s despite CAATSA sanctions threats as the beginning of an Indo-American “trade war”, but both allied Great Powers are actually just playing games with […]

AI Can Help Shape China-US Trade Deal

Advanced economies throughout the world will soon have to begin discussions regarding how to best balance a future that will inevitably be dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and the next generation of industrial automation on the one hand, along with a people-centric approach to society on the other. AI and […]

The Belt and Road Forum is an Opportunity to Accelerate Positive Global Development

The 25th of April will see heads of state, government, top diplomats and business representatives from all continents gather in Beijing for the 2nd Belt and Road Forum. Although organised by, and held in China, the Forum is the world’s most substantial gathering concerned with issues of trade, international development, […]