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It’s Not A “Trade War”, India & The US Are Just Trying To Get A Better Trade Deal

Many international observers have misinterpreted Trump’s termination of India’s membership in the “Generalized System of Preferences” and New Delhi’s decision to supposedly go forward with the S-400s despite CAATSA sanctions threats as the beginning of an Indo-American “trade war”, but both allied Great Powers are actually just playing games with […]

AI Can Help Shape China-US Trade Deal

Advanced economies throughout the world will soon have to begin discussions regarding how to best balance a future that will inevitably be dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and the next generation of industrial automation on the one hand, along with a people-centric approach to society on the other. AI and […]

India Misreads Trump Yet Again

For a country whose foreign policy is cunningly super-strategic (whether the strategy fails is another matter entirely), it is somewhat bemusing to see India consistently fail to understand Donald Trump’s own global strategy. This is all the more bemusing because as a matter of fact, Trump’s foreign policy strategy is […]