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Tom McGregor Interviewed on The Current Tensions in The China-US Trade War

Eurasia Future’s Adam Garrie interviewed China expert, editor and commentator at CCTV.com and longtime Beijing resident Tom McGregor about the latest developments in the China-US trade war. AG: Just when China-US trade negotiations seemed to be heading for a win-win deal, Donald Trump surprised the world by announcing a new […]

Duterte’s Canada “War” Remarks Are a Clever Signal That China-Philippine Relations Remain Positive

As part of his pro-environmental strategy for The Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte plans to send back piles of literal rubbish that Canadian sanitation companies have shipped to The Philippines for recycling. In spite of the fact that the rubbish was supposedly recyclable, investigators in The Philippines have found that much […]

Xi Visiting Italy is The 21st Century Version of Nixon’s Visit to China

Italy and China have healthy relations and clearly there is little cultural nor ideological animosity between two countries whose political predecessors once book-ended the ancient silk roads. By contrast, in the early 1970s, the US did not have formal diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China and both countries […]