Middle East

Israel’s Latest Strikes In Syria Prove That The Jerusalem Summit Was A Success

There’s no more convincing proof that last week’s historic National Security Summit in Jerusalem between Russia, “Israel”, and the US was a success than the self-professed “Jewish State’s” latest anti-Iranian strikes in Syria, which were more than likely approved — if not coordinated — by Moscow in advance as part […]

An Indian Official Invoked The “R2P” Doctrine To Defend New Delhi’s Gulf Deployment

An unnamed Indian official told Sputnik’s New Delhi office that his country’s concerns about the escalating situation in the Gulf stem from its large diaspora there, which interestingly hints that the so-called “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine is being used to defend India’s anti-Iranian military deployment to the region. India’s […]

Trump’s Tweet Is A Good Pretext To Operationalize The Arabian Aspect Of W-CPEC+

It’s inevitable that CPEC’s economic momentum will lead to it strategically expanding into the Gulf, so China and Pakistan should use Trump’s latest tweet urging countries to militarily protect their own oil tankers there to operationalize the Arabian aspect of W-CPEC+ and indirectly counter India’s (and possibly soon even its […]

Liberalism Threatens The West, Not Iran. This is Why American Liberals Are Wrapping Themselves in The Iranian Flag

Since 1979, America’s relations with Iran have been vastly more inconsistent than the manner in which they are often portrayed. It was in 1979 that an indecisive Jimmy Carter administration betrayed its Iranian ally and did nothing to prevent the Iranian Revolution from fomenting regime change in a country that […]

Putin Reaffirmed Russia’s Willingness To Negotiate A “Political Transition” In Syria

Many in the Alt-Media Community were shocked to hear President Putin reaffirm Russia’s willingness to negotiate a “political transition” in Syria during his annual Q&A session, but Moscow actually hasn’t been shy about its intentions in this respect and wouldn’t have any problem in principle with Assad leaving office so […]