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The US’ Plans To Designate The IRGC As “Terrorists” Aren’t Just For Show

The US plans to use this possibly impending designation as the basis upon which to “justify” forthcoming Hybrid War measures against the Islamic Republic aimed at dismantling its “deep state” network in the Mideast, including through possible strikes against the IRGC and its Hezbollah allies in Syria. From Farce To […]

Civilian Flights Into And Out of Lebanon Must be Re-routed to Avoid an Israel Authored Tragedy

The best way to prevent a horrific man-made “accident” would be to make it so that it could never happen in the first place. Specifically, as Israel’s Russian partner confirmed with dismay that Tel Aviv’s fighter jets used civilian aircraft flying over the Syria-Lebanon border as “shields” during a recent […]

The “IAF’s” Use Of Civilian Airliners As “Shields” Raises A Few Questions  

It’s shameful that the “Israeli Air Force” used civilian airliners as “shields” for carrying out its Christmas attack against Syria, but this irresponsibly dangerous maneuver also raises some questions about a few narratives that were previously taken for granted.  No one can put forth any argument morally justifying the “Israeli […]

From Vietnam to Afghanistan: A History of America’s Shifting Goals in Similar Confrontations

America’s War in Vietnam remains a signpost signifying a moment when America’s own exceptionalist myth of invincibility began to falter in open sight. The watershed moment of the last helicopter leaving Saigon in 1975 became emblematic of a lumbering, highly equipped by deeply demoralised American armed forces that ultimately could […]

How Obama and Netanyahu Overplayed Their Hand in The “Arab Spring”

At the beginning of 2011 while Iraq was still on its knees following the illegal 2003 US/UK invasion, the rest of the Arab world was generally calm, domestic politics was predictable and most importantly from the American and Israeli perspective, the revolutionary fervour that underpinned the Arab Nationalist revolutions of […]

Fellow Arabs Call Palestinian Heroine Ahed Tamimi “Scum”

Recently freed Palestinian political prisoner Ahed Tamimi has incurred the wrath of fellow Arabs for praising the equally Arab leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah party. During a televised interview, the young female Palestinian activist who aspires to enter the legal profession expressed her gratitude to Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah. She said of […]

Russia to Cooperate With Lebanon in Repatriating Syrian Refugees

While most nations have a clearly defined set of relations with their neighbours and other international partners, Lebanon’s sectarian political system has prohibited the country from having a uniform policy towards Syria. On one end of the spectrum governing coalition member Hezbollah has sent its fighters from Lebanon into Syria […]