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Turkey’s President Erdogan Secures Deep Friendship With Venezuela – Thus Shattering Traditional Definitions of “Left and Right”

It may strike some as peculiar when the head of state from a militarily powerful NATO member that has broken off relations with Syria due to disagreements with Bashar al-Assad visits Bolivarian Socialist Venezuela for a prominent official visit. Certainly such a thing would never happen in respect of the […]

While The Federal Reserve and White House Both Manipulate a Weaponised Dollar, Chinese Monetary Policy Remains The Essence of Balance

What China’s partners want While the Chinese Renminbi is frequently mentioned when discussing de-dollarisation throughout Asia and Latin America, the fact of the matter is that China’s interests in de-dollarisation are primarily motivated by the desires of Beijing’s trading partners rather than by Beijing itself. This is certainly the case in […]

Venezuela’s Formal Abandonment of The Dollar Presents Both Opportunities And Challenges For China

Venezuela embraces the Chinese and pan-European currency as sanctions make the greenback untenable  This week Venezuela officially announced what was already a de-facto reality due to years of increasingly hostile sanctions from the US Treasury Department. Caracas will no longer sell its oil or conduct other forms of bilateral trade […]

The Friendship Between Turkey’s Erdogan and Venezuela’s Maduro Renders Notions of “left and right” totally obsolete

While many of this year’s UN General Assembly speeches have been lacklustre compared to last year, some heads of state always deliver when called to the rostrum to offer their verdict on the state of the world and the role their nation ought to play in shaping it. Two such […]