Russo-Turkish Cooperation in Syria is Moscow’s Model For a Regionally Authored Afghan Peace Process

Talks in Moscow have concluded between the Taliban and members of the High Peace Council of Afghanistan, a group with close ties to Kabul. In another historic move, Indian representatives were present at the table where peace initiatives were being discussed while representatives from China, Pakistan, the US and the […]

Is “Israeli” Blackmail To Blame For Nigeria Slaughtering Shiites?

The international Shiite community is awash with sorrow after the Nigerian military slaughtered over 40 of their protesting co-confessionals over the weekend, but while some might think that the reason for the government’s militant sectarianism is because of Saudi Arabia, the real answer might lay with “Israel” blackmailing the country […]

While The Federal Reserve and White House Both Manipulate a Weaponised Dollar, Chinese Monetary Policy Remains The Essence of Balance

What China’s partners want While the Chinese Renminbi is frequently mentioned when discussing de-dollarisation throughout Asia and Latin America, the fact of the matter is that China’s interests in de-dollarisation are primarily motivated by the desires of Beijing’s trading partners rather than by Beijing itself. This is certainly the case in […]