The Guide to Belt and Road

For nearly six years, the Belt and Road initiative has been among the most discussed multilateral projects in the world, but in spite of this, there remain some fundamental misunderstandings about just what Belt and Road is. The following questions tend to be the most common when discussing Belt and […]

If Duterte Were Prime Minister in a Parliamentary System – Reinstating The Death Penalty Would Not Have Been Delayed

The phrase narco-terrorism has often been used on these pages to describe the blood soaked culture surrounding the dangerous drug shabu in The Philippines. The fact that shabu has led to mass murder, child rape, people being burnt alive, beheadings and now the gang rape, throat slitting and skinning alive […]

Inday Sara is Right About Lying Politicians – That’s Why The Philippines Needs a Parliamentary System to Keep Them Honest

Speaking personally, I have never had much time for people who rely on scripts. Public speakers, politicians, political and social commentators and activists are not actors and as such, they should not use the tools of actors. It is one thing to be a great Shakespearean actor memorising the words […]