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America’s Confrontational Approach to China is a Rejection of Realism

The age-old aphorism “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” can accurately describe China’s mentality towards both domestic matters and issues concerning cooperation with international partners. China’s model is one that transformed the world’s most populace nation from a place where at the turn of the 1980s 88% of all […]

Fethullah Terror Organisation Uses “Schools” to Launder Money in Ethiopia

Former workers at an Ethiopian “school” operated by the Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO) have blown the whistle on an elaborate money laundering and tax evasion scheme through which FETO used its “educational facilities” in the seventh poorest African state to embezzle funds and withhold taxation to the Ethiopian government as part […]

Ethiopia Might Power Saudi Arabia And Become The Next Member Of The GCC+

The rising African Great Power of Ethiopia might prospectively export electricity to Saudi Arabia upon the completion of its Grand Renaissance Dam and thus become the next de-facto member of the GCC+. “Friendly Competition” The Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Agency’s (GCCIA) Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim told Climate News that the regional […]

Most Jihadist Terrorists Are on Drugs: Gaddafi Knew This in 2011 and Duterte Knows it Today

In 2011, when Libyan Revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi appeared before his nation saying that seditious elements and foreign agitators were on narcotics and thus deprived of their own cognitive abilities, he was laughed at by the western mainstream media who cheered on his subsequent assassination at the hands of al-Qaeda proxies […]

China is Not “Taking Over” Zambian Airport – But if China Did, it Would Not be Problematic

Chinese media and officials from the Zambian government are denying the content of fake news reports stating that China would take possession of Zambia’s largest airport and other infrastructure projects in light of an alleged failure on Zambia’s part to repay debts to Beijing. According to a report from China’s […]