Afghanistan: Asia’s Ukraine

While much of the world has been transfixed by the post-2014 Ukraine conflict and its historical origins, Afghanistan’s internal conflicts and Kabul’s conflicts with its neighbours have followed much the same pattern. The main differences is that Afghanistan’s troubles have been going on for far longer. To understand the similarities […]

The Unlikely Duo of Egypt and Qatar Rally to Support Stability in Sudan as Realism Replaces Ideology in The Middle East

Sudan and Egypt have had disputes with one another over border issues and a related competition for natural resources for decades. These disputes have been compounded by Egypt’s close partnership with Saudi Arabia following the ascent of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in 2014. As it was not long after the arrival […]

China Continues to Successfully Compartmentalise Relations With US as Trade Talks Set to Resume in January

After a December of sustained losses on the US stock market, the 26th saw a major rebound on reports from Mastercard regarding an increase in US retail sales (excluding motor vehicles) between the 1st of November and Gregorian Christmas Eve. According to Mastercard, retail sales were up at a rate […]

Vietnam Has Exposed The Weakness of an Indian Foreign Policy Motivated by Negative Views of China

With the exception of Iran and Russia, most of India’s substantial bilateral partners are those that have been courted by New Delhi in an attempt to resurrect the Cold War mentality of opposing cooperation with China. While India’s Russian and Iranian partners have long forsook this zero-sum mentality, in BJP […]

Lack of Global Outrage Over India’s Attempt to Ban Traditional Kashmiri Dress is Gravely Disappointing

The vindictive acculturation of Kashmir and international double standards Imagine the global outcry and especially the outcry throughout the wider Muslim world and also among international supporters of the pro-Palestinian BDS movement if Israel had unilaterally prohibited Palestinians in the occupied territories from wearing the Keffiyeh – the scarf that […]

Trump’s “Prosper Africa” Strategy Is An Admission Of Defeat But Also A Wily Trap

National Security Advisor John Bolton recently announced the Trump Administration’s new “Prosper Africa” strategy, which is basically a tacit admission of defeat acknowledging that the US’ objectives there haven’t been achieved since the end of the Old Cold War, but it’s also a wily trap for encouraging China and Russia […]