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The Hybrid War On Cameroon Aims To Destabilize The West-Central African CPEC

The multisided security crisis unfolding in Cameroon is intended to preemptively destabilize the West-Central African CPEC well in advance of its construction and might even catalyze another Migrant Crisis to Europe if the Hybrid War isn’t resolved soon enough. Cameroon is a country mostly known for its national football team […]

Madagascar is Emerging From Its Global Isolation

The international community is accustomed in contemporary times to associating the name Madagascar with instability, political crises, military interventions, and epidemics. The country’s political development in the post-independence period is in this sense no different from other Francophone countries. Paris maintains a post-independence “stable” instability strategy that specifically defines Françafrique. […]

He Can’t Win It For Technical Reasons, But PM Abiy Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

The Ethiopian premier can’t win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for technical reasons, but he nevertheless deserves global recognition for his peacemaking successes. The Nobel Committee will award its eponymous Peace Prize on 5 October, and while Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy certainly deserves this more than anyone else, it’s impossible […]