The US Is Stoking Congo’s “Deep State” Civil War In Order To “Contain” China

The “African Spring” seems ready to spread to the Democratic Republic of the Congo after there are visible signs that the US is stoking its “deep state” civil war in order create obstacles to China’s hitherto unrestricted access to cobalt there, with the possible success of this non-kinetic “containment” measure […]

The Consequences Of Mozambique’s Cyclone Tragedy Might Lead To Regime Change

There’s a credible chance that the ruling FRELIMO party that’s been in power since Mozambique’s 1975 independence could lose this October’s general elections as a result of a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal that might have inadvertently worsened the humanitarian consequences of the country’s recent cyclone tragedy. Disaster Strikes 90% of the […]

Is Chad Losing Control Of The Central African Pivot Space?

The geostrategically pivotal Central African country of Chad is dangerously losing control of the region after recent developments despite having one of Africa’s most powerful militaries, with Boko Haram’s deadliest-ever attack against its forces last Friday proving why the government of long-serving leader Idriss Deby depends on being a joint […]

Has The World Been Ignoring An Almost Decade-Long “African Spring”?

The announcement that Algerian President Bouteflika won’t run for re-election but will instead postpone the upcoming vote until the conclusion of his recently decreed comprehensive constitutional reform process represented the eighth non-electoral regime change in Africa in as many years, making one wonder whether the world has been ignoring an […]

If Duterte Were Prime Minister in a Parliamentary System – Reinstating The Death Penalty Would Not Have Been Delayed

The phrase narco-terrorism has often been used on these pages to describe the blood soaked culture surrounding the dangerous drug shabu in The Philippines. The fact that shabu has led to mass murder, child rape, people being burnt alive, beheadings and now the gang rape, throat slitting and skinning alive […]

CENTCOM Is Taking S-CPEC+ Real Seriously

The Commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM) told the House Armed Services Committee just how “concerned” he is about China projecting its Silk Road influence from Gwadar to Africa through S-CPEC+ and consequently establishing a permanent naval presence in the western end of the Afro-Asian Ocean. CPEC is increasingly being […]

Inday Sara is Right About Lying Politicians – That’s Why The Philippines Needs a Parliamentary System to Keep Them Honest

Speaking personally, I have never had much time for people who rely on scripts. Public speakers, politicians, political and social commentators and activists are not actors and as such, they should not use the tools of actors. It is one thing to be a great Shakespearean actor memorising the words […]