Fake News Alert: China Is NOT Building A Base In Zimbabwe!

Alt-Media is once again being manipulated by infowar practitioners into spreading fake news, with the popular outlet South Front republishing a false report about a Chinese base in Zimbabwe because it seemingly satisfied their “wishful thinking” confirmation bias about the People’s Republic forcefully challenging the US in Africa despite the […]

The Consequences Of The Sudanese Coup

What just happened in Sudan was likely a military coup despite the “official” explanation being that President Bashir simply stepped down, and while this might appear on the surface to be a huge development, its immediate consequences will probably be quite limited even though certain “dark scenarios” still can’t be […]

Sudan’s “Deep State” Divisions Could Spell The End Of President Bashir’s Rule

It’s unclear at this confusing moment whether the reports about serious “deep state” divisions in Sudan are real or not, but even in the event that they’re just an infowar component of the ever-escalating Hybrid War being waged on the country, they nevertheless spell bad news for President Bashir. The […]

There’s A Reason Why The West Is Portraying Haftar As A “Russian-Backed” Bogeyman

The Mainstream Media’s deliberate misportrayal of Libyan National Army General Haftar as “Russian-backed” is meant to turn him into a bogeyman for the purpose of discrediting his military gains after he turned on his American patron. Haftar “Goes Rogue” Much of the Mainstream Media’s reporting about the latest events in […]

The US Is Stoking Congo’s “Deep State” Civil War In Order To “Contain” China

The “African Spring” seems ready to spread to the Democratic Republic of the Congo after there are visible signs that the US is stoking its “deep state” civil war in order create obstacles to China’s hitherto unrestricted access to cobalt there, with the possible success of this non-kinetic “containment” measure […]

The Consequences Of Mozambique’s Cyclone Tragedy Might Lead To Regime Change

There’s a credible chance that the ruling FRELIMO party that’s been in power since Mozambique’s 1975 independence could lose this October’s general elections as a result of a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal that might have inadvertently worsened the humanitarian consequences of the country’s recent cyclone tragedy. Disaster Strikes 90% of the […]

Is Chad Losing Control Of The Central African Pivot Space?

The geostrategically pivotal Central African country of Chad is dangerously losing control of the region after recent developments despite having one of Africa’s most powerful militaries, with Boko Haram’s deadliest-ever attack against its forces last Friday proving why the government of long-serving leader Idriss Deby depends on being a joint […]