Can PNG’s New Leader Make His Country “The Richest Black Christian Nation On Earth”?

The new Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG) recently elaborated on his vision to make his country “the richest black Christian nation on earth” through a combination of fairer resource deals with transnational corporations and a renewed focus on the agricultural sector, but the success of his ambitious plans […]

Lithuania’s Crackdown On Pro-Chinese Counter-Protesters Is Troubling

Reuters reported earlier this week that Lithuanian police detained and fined two Chinese citizens who were waving their country’s flag during a counter-protest against a rally in support of the violent Hong Kong protests late last month. The outlet also informed the world that the Lithuanian authorities lodged a complaint […]

An Open Philippine Economy Could Help Manila to Stand up to Rancid Social Media Companies From Abroad

One of the odd things that unites ultra-nationalists and supporters of unreconstructed communism (e.g. the NPA) is that neither side believes in open, transparent, free and fair markets. As such, both the far-right and the far-left are protectionists when it comes to goods, capital and services. While the political language […]