Discipline Leads to Freedom

Many harbour the false premise that it is possible to instantly transform a society from one that is poor, tribal and chaotic to one that is prosperous, modern and free without going through an interim stage of national development. History however has shown time and again that one cannot simply […]

Here is The Truth That Debunks Fake News From a Anti-Duterte “Comedian” in The USA

Hasan Minhaj, an American whose family migrated from India’s Uttar Pradesh, has adopted one of the worst characteristics of some white Americans: a condescending attitude toward Filipinos. On his Netflix show¬†Patriot Act, Minhaj did a “comedy” routine that might as well have been a paid political advertisement for anti-Duterte candidates […]

Gwadar Can be a Dubai/Hong Kong Style Supercity But The Government Must Crack Down on Agitators First

Pakistan’s Army and Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) are among the most professional in the world. Their experience of saving Pakistan from being totally destroyed by terrorism in the wake of the Musharraf era ought to earn them a place in world history as valiant forces of a legitimate state that worked […]

Pakistan Must Take Swift Action Against the Foreign Backers of BLA Terrorism

Yesterday, four heavily armed BLA terrorists dressed in uniforms of security service personnel broke into a five-star hotel in Gwadar with the intent of slaughtering civilian gusts including foreigners – Chinese guests in particular. After a heroic security guard was martyred in his valiant attempted to prevent the terrorists from […]

Meritocracy Will be in Short Supply During This Week’s Election in The Philippines

Defining meritocracy One of the defining features that separates advanced societies from those that are either evolving or primitive, is that the most successful and most highly advanced societies are formed on a meritocratic basis. Meritocracy is equality in action and it expresses itself in society by rewarding those who […]