Trump Approaches Turkey With Realism Whilst The EU’s Turkey Policies Have Descended Into Madness

When asked about the ongoing issues surrounding Washington’s approach to Turkey’s taking delivery of Russian made S-400 missile defence systems, Trump once again pinned the blame on Barack Obama whose administration dragged its feet when Turkey sought to purchase modern US made missile defence systems. Here's the clip. 0:36 part […]

Is Hong Kong Destined to be The Venice of Asia?

At the height of its trading and shipping prowess, the Republic of Venice was arguably the most commercially successful place in the world. Its advantageous location at the western end of the traditional silk road, its shipping connections to multiple great trading routes to Asia and its vital role as […]

A Gold Standard is The Best Way to Keep Both Interest Rates And Inflation Low

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell just arrogantly dismissed the potential that a restored gold standard could offer to Americans and those whose economic interests are indelibly linked with American productivity and solvency. But far from just helping ordinary American workers, savers and entrepreneurs, a gold standard could help the world […]