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China’s Sees Slowest Growth in 27 Years But no Panic For The Moment

BEIJING:  International media reports have raised alarm bells that China’s 2nd quarter gross domestic product (GDP) hit 6.2 percent in year-on-year growth, hitting the lowest rate in the past 27 years. The news may sound shocking, but the country is in transition and Beijing had long expected the economy to […]

In Spite of What Boris Says, Britain May be Headed For a 1918 Style Coupon Election

On 14 December 1918, Britain held it’s first election since the end of the largest war in the history of humanity (up until that point). The election saw a Liberal pro-war Prime Minister attain a major personal victory even though most of the MPs backing his government were from the […]

Boris Johnson is Not The UK’s Trump – He’s The UK’s Arnold Schwarzenegger

Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two men that seemingly have many more differences than similarities. Schwarzenegger is famous for lifting weights whilst Johnson is famous for lifting wine glasses. Johnson is famous for boasting an incredibly substantial vocabulary whilst Schwarzenegger’s heavily accented English is famed for its Spartan qualities. […]

The US Just Completed Its Quest To Co-Opt The Patriotic Opposition In Ecuador

Former President Rafael Correa’s claim that Julian Assange abused his political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to influence the US’ 2016 elections and his publicly proclaimed admiration for Hillary amount to nothing less than the completion of America’s quest to co-opt the country’s patriotic opposition and ensure the […]

Pakistan is Fundamentally More Conservative Than Levantine Arab Cultures

Far too frequently, Pakistani commentators bemoan the fact that mainstream Arab commentators and even politicians in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine fail to recognise the relevance of Pakistan in spite of the fact that the world is in the early decades of the ‘Asian Century’. Some Pakistanis even feel “insulted” […]

Trump Approaches Turkey With Realism Whilst The EU’s Turkey Policies Have Descended Into Madness

When asked about the ongoing issues surrounding Washington’s approach to Turkey’s taking delivery of Russian made S-400 missile defence systems, Trump once again pinned the blame on Barack Obama whose administration dragged its feet when Turkey sought to purchase modern US made missile defence systems. Here's the clip. 0:36 part […]