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North Koreans Begin Studying Chinese Reforms as Country Takes Steps Towards Openness

Changes afoot in the DPRK (North Korea) that may appear subtle are actually highly significant in terms of their scope and potentially history changing in terms of their results. From welcoming more tourists to swapping militant art for public art works promoting peace, to the important de-militarisation of the ironically […]

With The Last First World War Veterans Dead – The 11th of November Has Become a Macabre Militant Rite

Of all the modern wars that have claimed millions of lives, the First World War was the most tragic as its origins were in futility, its outcomes were universally negative and its veterans experienced a perfect storm of modern weaponry combined with comparatively primitive medical care. Thus, those who died […]

Russo-Turkish Cooperation in Syria is Moscow’s Model For a Regionally Authored Afghan Peace Process

Talks in Moscow have concluded between the Taliban and members of the High Peace Council of Afghanistan, a group with close ties to Kabul. In another historic move, Indian representatives were present at the table where peace initiatives were being discussed while representatives from China, Pakistan, the US and the […]

Remembering Atatürk 80 Years Later

Today marks the 80th year since the death of Atatürk, the founding father of The Republic of Turkey. But while Atatürk’s most specific legacy was insuring the survival, revival and uplifting of the Turkish nation, the lessons his legacy provides for the rest of the world continue to be as relevant as […]

Germany Engineered The Spy Scandal Because It’s Jealous Of Austro-Russian Relations

If the reports about Germany’s hidden hand in the Austro-Russian spy scandal are true, then it would indicate that Berlin is jealous of Vienna’s growing relations with Moscow and seeks to sabotage them in order to remain Russia’s premier partner in Central Europe. Suspicious Timing For Suspicious Claims Reports indicate […]

Pakistan Invites Turkey to Join CPEC in Move That Will Strengthen Global Connectivity And Shared Prosperity

Pakistan makes an important move to strengthen friendship with Turkey  The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has helped Pakistan to at long last take advantage of its strategic location as the multi-climatic ‘zipper of Asia’. In so doing, Pakistan is now the trading fulcrum that helps to link the Pacific with […]