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Chinese and Philippine Officials Meet to Discuss Further Cooperation in South China Sea

Beijing’s position in the South China Sea has long been widely misunderstood among some ASEAN members. These misunderstandings have led to unnecessary suspicion between some ASEAN members and China while this unfortunate development had also allowed some ASEAN states to be callously manipulated by distant powers. Prior to President Rodrigo […]

Time is Ticking for Kabul

Hours ago, two Americans and Kandahar police chief Abdul Raziq were killed after Afghan guards opened fire shortly after the conclusion of a meeting between Raziq, Kandahar’s governor and General Austin S. Miller, the Commander of US troops in Afghanistan. Today’s blood-soaked events make it abundantly clear that the “just a […]

The Tragic School Massacre in Kerch Could Help Bring America and Russia Closer Together – But it Won’t

When school shootings occur in the United States, there exists a tendency among observers from foreign nations to first offer sympathy to the victims before then launching into criticisms of America’s gun culture. This gun culture of course dates back to the drafting of the Second Amendment to the US […]

Venezuela’s Formal Abandonment of The Dollar Presents Both Opportunities And Challenges For China

Venezuela embraces the Chinese and pan-European currency as sanctions make the greenback untenable  This week Venezuela officially announced what was already a de-facto reality due to years of increasingly hostile sanctions from the US Treasury Department. Caracas will no longer sell its oil or conduct other forms of bilateral trade […]

Duterte’s Sustainable Environmental Achievements Are Something to Behold

From improving air quality to removing rubbish, scum and chemicals from rivers and creeks, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has not just removed the criminal element from the streets but he is overseeing a revival of the beautiful natural environment of The Philippines that has for decades been neglected. When it […]